DIY Halloween Decor – Gold Glitter Skull

Last year I shared with you some Halloween decor ideas  but this year I decided to create something for Halloween instead!

As you know I love making anything using glitter!!  Any excuse I can get, I get my box of glitter out!  For some reason it is so much more fun when you create something for Halloween!! Today I will be showing you how I created this gorgeous sparkly gold skull! Most importantly – it is super easy & also won’t break the bank!


Last Christmas my brother-in-law got me a bottle of vodka.  Before you say anything… NOT because I love vodka, but because he thought I could make something afterwards with the bottle! He knows me very well! Thank you Kevin!


I cleaned the bottle (after it was empty of course!) and spray painted it gold first.  This step is not 100% needed but I was not sure if I had enough glitter for the skull so I painted the base first.


I then covered the skull with a layer of mod podge.  Don’t go too crazy with it as it will drip otherwise, but make sure you cover the whole area.

I then sprinkled some glitter over the glass skull and let it dry.  Once it had dried, I put a layer of mod podge over to seal it.


I did the same with this glass plate to have a nice matching set for the Halloween table!







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