Using Wallpaper for Decorating your home – Yes or No?

The options are truly endless when you are decorating your own home.  It can be such a fantastic feeling but at the same time it is so overwhelming!  I am extremely happy and excited that we are finally homeowners, but it also means we are now making all the decisions.

I love interior design and browsing through magazines and internet for the latest trends and colour.  However, I find it so hard to choose things for our own home, for the fear of “getting it wrong”.  Sounds so silly, but I seriously find it hard to choose the right shade of paint for the hallway or the year old question –  yes or no to wallpaper??


When we moved into the house, everything was covered in wallpaper – and I mean everything! Even the ceiling. Whoever thought it was a great idea to cover walls (and ceiling!!) in wood chip wallpaper was seriously wrong!!


It took us WEEKS to get rid of it all and scrape the chipped paint from the walls.


As I was peeling away the old wallpaper, I was so happy to get rid of it!! I promised myself I would not wallpaper anything in our home as I thought wallpaper was so dated, but then I found so many gorgeous wallpaper patterns online I soon changed my mind.

Simple Elegance

1.Prestigious Textiles – Topaz 2. Sanderson – Southwold 3. Laura Ashley – Josette 4. Farrow & Ball – Ranelagh 5. Harlequin – Florence

Vintage and Floral

  1. Prestigious Textiles – Lotus Blossom 2. Harlequin – Amazilia 3. Farrow & Ball – Toile Trellis 4. Sanderson – Wisteria Falls Panel A 5. Farrow & Ball – Peony


Feature Wall

  1. Harlequin – Cranes in Flight 2. Designer’s Guild – Mattiazo 3. Cole & Son – Magnolia 4.  Prestigious Textiles Icon 5. Harlequin – Makrana

Hubby and I decided to use wallpaper when we will be decorating the living room.  The living room is nice and spacious and it goes into the dining area.  We thought wallpaper would split the room nicely and give it a little character.  We have some tough decisions ahead!

If you are not as brave with bold wallpaper, I found these GORGEOUS cushions on Harlequin website!

Harlequin Cushions - Filled Cushion Amazilia Floral Linen 43cm X 43cm
image source –

Which one is your favourite? Are you brave enough for the feature wall using some bright colours or rather stick to the traditional style? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Using Wallpaper for Decorating your home – Yes or No?

  1. I actually like wallpaper, but in moderation…just not on the ceiling! People stencil walls…wallpaper is very little different. Doing one wall is an innovative idea, I think.

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