Giving an old basket a brand new look

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I had this little old basket just lying around and as you know I don’t like throwing things out so I decided to give it a little makeover.  This is so easy to do and you can update it using any colour that suits your decor.

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We already have lots of white baskets that I use for storage or simply to keep things tidy in our bedroom and bathroom.  As I wanted the basket to have a little oomph I decided to have a layered effect using antique gold and white spray paint.

I spray painted the basket gold and let it dry, once it was dry I sprayed the white paint over leaving the rim gold.  I then rubbed some petroleum jelly around the top of the basket, this is a great way of distressing it without the need of sanding. This could not be easier!


This way the second layer of paint will not stick on the areas where the petroleum jelly is rubbed on, making it so easy to reveal the bottom layer (in my case the antique gold).  I then continued to spray the basket with white spray paint (you can choose any colour you want for your project).


When the final coat had dried, I simply wiped the petroleum jelly off with a cloth and it revelaed a lovely gold layer underneath. This is the easiest way to distress anything (even furniture!)


And that’s it!  An old ordinary little basket turned into something you can proudly disply in your house.

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17 thoughts on “Giving an old basket a brand new look

  1. I have a basket that I was just about to get rid of and this has stopped me in my tracks! What a really cool tip; using the petroleum jelly to stop the paint adhering! Much easier. Thanks so much for linking up to #MakingHome

  2. While this looks very nice, it is not a good idea to paint wicker. Paint will make wicker more prone to becoming dry and brittle. The same for wicker furniture and caned chair seats.

    1. I have been painting baskets and wicker for years without any issues. I have found that the baskets actually last longer. It also depends on the paint that is used.

  3. This idea will save a lot of basket!! Now I know what I was saving them for someone to come up with idea!!!

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