Our Deliciously Dark Master Bedroom Reveal – Before & After

Drumroll please….. the Master Bedroom Reveal is finally here!!! I am extremely excited to finally share this post with you! I know it has taken longer than I anticipated, but this is simply because we did not have a massive budget for this room (shocker!).  I did one thing at a time and pretty much everything you will see in this post was done up by me to fit in with our theme.. Not to mention a few mishaps along the way that delayed us a little.. All in all we are VERY happy with how it turned out! Check out the slide below to see the  full transformation!

I put so much hard work into this room and every single thing in this room (well apart from the bed & the light fixture) was painted/upcycled/created/upholstered you name it… I hope this will show that you don’t always have to buy new things to create a beautiful bedroom (or any room really) but instead you can re-use what you have, buy second-hand and upcycle to make your home unique and budget friendly!!

You may remember by mood board and vision for the living room, you can catch up with that post here.

The “Before” – Our Old Bedroom

The room had funny shaped walls, a massive white radiator under the window, old green carpet and dated wallpaper with matching curtains. We replaced the carpets and removed the old wallpaper pretty much soon after we moved in. This revealed that some of the plasterboard was crumbling away. For the time being we decided to have the walls skimmed and painted the room in neutral colours. We lived like this for over a year until I decided that the bedroom should have been our first room to decorate as that is the room, where we should be able to relax and unwind.

The “After” – Our Deliciously Dark Master Bedroom

I fell in love with dark master bedroom idea after seeing photos on Instagram and Pinterest and decided to go for it!! I painted the walls using Farrow and Ball in Hague Blue, I matched the radiator and the door using their eggshell paint.  I upcycled an old dressing table, using some pallets and decoart satin enamel paint in black and changed the hardware.

The plant stand  fits perfectly in the spot  it was built for.  I added the artwork we bought on our travels this spring and upcycled an old plastic mirror (tutorial to follow).  The little statues on the dressing table are from a charity shop, that I spray painted to tie in with the ‘glam‘ theme.

I searched for the perfect pale pink velvet fabric for my chairs and finally found it  Ashley Wilde’s collection – Alaska in Shell.

I really wanted to have a nice big throw on the bed with some tassels. I could not justify spending hundreds of pounds on king size throw, so instead I bought a cheap version on eBay and added some tassels myself (tutorial to follow).

Remember the gorgeous headboard I built? I made some pink cushions to match the chairs (yes that pink velvet armchair was re-upholstered by me).  To add a little texture, I decided to add some bohemian inspired cushions in cream. I then added some pom poms to a plain cushion I purchased from H&M.  The monochrome ‘eye’ cushion on the chair is from Cushoo.  The dotty fabric is from Spoonflower called Charcoal Dots.


Storage was very important to me. We had a custom storage/mini wardrobe built earlier this year and I upcycled our existing wardrobe by adding custom made sides from palletwood and some storage boxes on top (tutorial to follow). Macrame wall hanging found it’s perfect spot hanging on the side of the wardrobe!

Lighting & Accessories

The gorgeous and a little over the top lighting is from Dar Lighting.

Artwork & frames (left to right)Gold Chain Photo frames from M&S,  Neon Girl – by Marta from Lush Eclectic, black frame from M&S,  Prosecco sign from Card Shop, Pineapple – custom print. Love and Fear Less – signs from my shop, Black “Be a Badass Every Day” artwork- from Nickie Kelly Art

Let me know what you think!!

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31 thoughts on “Our Deliciously Dark Master Bedroom Reveal – Before & After

  1. WOW!!!! This is truly looks great! It came up so well , even at the beginning I wasn’t sure about dark wall, but now I see- it looks so, so great and fancy! Love it!

  2. What a beautiful transformation! I’m a big fan of dark walls, especially in bedrooms. They’re really calming and cocooning, which is great for sleeping soundly. Love all your finishing touches – I’ll be keeping an eye out for the tutorials. #HomeEtc

  3. Gosh — what a spectacular transformation Evija — it looks wonderful!!! I love the deep, dark inky blue; I painted ours in F&B Stiffkey a couple of years ago — it’s lovely to have such a dark shade on the wall; other colours definitely pop against it. Thanks so much for sharing xx #HomeEtc

  4. Wow – Evija – this is just so impressive – you are such a talented lady. I love the headboard that you covered and want to steal the pom pom cushion idea! An amazing creative transformation !

  5. Wow, what an amazing transformation and to think you did it all yourself. I can’t even get my bedroom finished and I’m not intending to make or upcycle anything. Don’t know how you do it. But it is so worth it. It looks absolutely fantastic and very individual whilst still being the height of sophistication.

  6. OMG! What an amazing transformation. I bet you love going to bed now. That is one room you will want to spend time in. Love the colour and the macrame, it’s all fabulous. I also like the fact that you have no pictures above your bed (bad feng shui to have pictures above your head).

    1. Thank you so much Claire!! Yes I love going to bed now.. first few days I would just stare at the room and smile how much I loved it.. ha ha !!
      I didn’t know that about the pictures.. I tend not to have the bed face the door or window and don’t like too many mirrors in the bedroom too as I know they all take energy away from you.

  7. Beautiful photos! What a transformation! I love the ceiling light fixture and the overall darkness looks really cool, the hints of dark brown are very luxurious! Must be a great bedroom to sleep in.

  8. Such an amazing transformation and your skillset has helped you achieve such a beautiful bedroom. I absolutely adore your dark walls and love the Sputnik Chandelier. Massive congratulations on creating such a beautiful space to unwind and sleep in!

  9. What a dramatic transformation!!!! I’m a dark interiors lover and love what you’ve done. Also so much creativity and nice touches with the details. Well done Evija!

  10. It looks absolutely gorgeous! You’re so clever, reupholstering furniture. I could never do anything like that.

    I love the blue you’ve used. We’ve still got to renovate our bedroom, and I was thinking a dark blue or green would look amazing. You’ve given me inspiration!

  11. You are awesome!!! Your creativity and ability to pull different schemes and textures together baffles me. I applaud you…this room truly reflects a very personal view! It looks wonderful.

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