Create a Beautiful Macrame Wall Hanging in a Few Easy Steps

Hi everyone I am so excited to join a group of super creative bloggers and take part in this month’s  Int’l Bloggers Club day with this month’s theme “cotton”.  Please check out all the posts as they all are amazing. I missed last months theme simply as I was too busy, but you can check out all the fabulous paper posts here. If you want to see how I made this gorgeous macrame wall hanging keep reading!

Macrame wall hanging DIY

What comes to your mind when you think cotton? Is it fabric, plant or fibre? There are so many possibilities, I was getting a little overwhelmed.. Then I started thinking what do I have at home and what could I use.  I decided to try my hands out at some macrame plant holder (wall hanging) using a macrame cotton rope.

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For this project I used some wood (you can use anything you like really, some pipe, driftwood, plank, bamboo stick..) I used some leftover wood and left it raw as I was going to place it against a dark wood wall, so I wanted a contrast.

MAcrame Cord - diy wall hanging

I cut 10 equal lengths of rope (3m each).

DIY macrame plant hanger knots

There are many basic knots that will help you to create stunning pieces.  I created this plant holder using just two of the most common macrame knots, the square knot and the half-hitch knot. Instead of explaining step by step, I thought photo tutorial would be more helpful (also check out the video below).

I wanted to create a little wall hanging with a plant hanger at the bottom.  I did half hitch on left and the right side and the square knot in the middle.

Here is a step by step guide in photos on what I did.

DIY macrame plant hanger knots
DIY macrame plant hanger knots

Once the sides were done, I created the square knot in the middle and once the three met at the bottom, I tied them together in square knot.

DIY macrame plant hanger knots

Once all are tied together it is time to create the plant hanger part. For this separate the rope in three equal parts and leaving some space tie the square knot (or anything else you want).

To create the base for hanger, separate each of three groups of rope into two sections and tie with one another using the square knot, to create a base, then all you need to do is connect them again using the square knot and cut off the excess rope.  I added some gold pins to add a little extra touch and to match the decor and my gold plant pot.

DIY macrame plant hanger knots
DIY macrame plant hanger and plant
Bohemian DIY macrame plant hanger
DIY macrame plant hanger

Here is a great video tutorial on how to make your basic knots

10 thoughts on “Create a Beautiful Macrame Wall Hanging in a Few Easy Steps

  1. Awesome Evija. Love that you used the gold pins to match the gold planter. It’s makes such a lovely contrast against the macrame thread you use and it looks beautiful against the dark door. I really wish I’d paid more attention when my Mom tried to show me how to do those knots many, many moons ago.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle!! The gold pins were last minute add on as I hung it against the wardrobe door.. I love macrame, even though I only know a couple of basic knots..

  2. Love your new spin on macrame, the flat at the top before cascading downwards. The gold beads and gold pot give it a fresh modern look. Very pretty hanging macrame planter.

  3. Gosh this project brings back lots of memories making macrame with my mum when I was little! Love how you added the gold too! Must try this and see how much I remember!! Thank you for the tutorial!

  4. What a lovely makrame planter Evija! Love it and also how it looks against the dark wood. The knots look easy too, I feel like giving it a try!!

  5. Evija this was very informative. I don’t think I’ve ever tried macrame before and your tutorial is certainly very comprehensive. Perhaps it is time I gave it a try!

  6. Wow…. this is so beautiful. I just love this beautiful macrame wall hanging tutorial. Much appreciated for sharing this post.

  7. I remember I used to do macrame at school when I was a kid but I can’t remember anything. Love what you did and the gold touches you added. I think this could be a great activity to try with my daughters.

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