How to Use a Finish Max Paint Sprayer and Bookshelf Update

You know how much I love painting and upcycling old furniture.  Paint can transform an old piece and turn it into something new and beautiful again.  Sometimes there are pieces that can be quite tricky to paint, like chairs with endless spindles or wicker furniture and baskets.  Sometimes you simply want to get a smooth finish without any visible brush strokes. Spray paint is amazing, but it is not always possible to find the right one for your project.  This is where the Home Right Finish Max Paint Sprayer comes in !

This was the first time I ever used the Home Right Sprayer and absolutely loved it! Once you have the paint set up and ready to go, you will want to spray everything in sight as it makes painting so much easier.. Do remember though, that not all projects are the same and not always the same method will work.

There are many helpful tutorials and guides on HomeRight website, which I did look through to familiarise myself before I started.  I also filled the cup with water to get used to the noise and movement, and to see what it did!

How to use the Paint Sprayer:

1. very obvious BUT make sure the weather is good and it isn’t windy as you will end up wasting a lot of paint.

2. Prepare the area where you will  be painting – cover it with  plastic, cardboard or dust sheets.

3. Prepare the paint – make sure you have the right consistency. Use the viscosity cup to check the paint. If it takes more than 40 seconds to empty you will need to thin your paint with water.

4. Use a plastic strainer when pouring your paint into the pot, this will remove any bits and won’t clog up your sprayer.

5. Prepare your piece of furniture – clean and sand ready for painting (spraying).

6. Use and extension as you want to move around freely.

7. Move your arm when spraying, not your wrist.

8. Allow the paint to dry between the coats.

9. If you are using a topcoat, you don’t need to water it down as usually the topcoat is thin enough.

10. Once you are done, clean the sprayer so it is nice and clean and ready for your next use!

I decided to update an old bookshelf using the sprayer as I thought it would be a nice project to start with.  The finish is so smooth!! Weather permitting, I am planning on doing a few more projects very soon!!


** I have received the Finish Max Paint Sprayer from HomeRight free of charge, however, all views, experiences and ideas are 100% my own!  This post contains affiliate links.

4 thoughts on “How to Use a Finish Max Paint Sprayer and Bookshelf Update

  1. Thank you for the tutorial, it looks brilliant I love the color you chose. Cant wait to see the next project you do using the sprayer.

  2. One of my dream buys someday…is there any chance that you could tell us where you found that gorgeous stencil for your artwork above the painted dresser? It is calling my name very, very loudly, bwhaaha.

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