How to Transform Chest of Drawers using Pallets and Paint

As you know I love to re-use and upcycle most things.  It will not come as no surprise that this chest of drawers was getting it’s second makeover in the space of 4 years! We got this chest of drawers for free as it came from an old hospital and basically would have gone straight to the burn pile. As it had ‘good bones‘ I knew the makeover would only be cosmetic. I upcycled it first time using lace painting technique back in 2015. As we are now heading in a totally different direction, the chest of drawers is getting a face lift too!

This is the Before photo (head over to the link above to see the lace painted drawers I did in 2015)

If you saw my 2015 post, you would know that these drawers had some damage on the sides so I used wallpaper to cover it.  For the new face lift, I wanted to use the pallet wood I used on my dressing table and the wardrobe. The dressing table top was made from small  wooden pieces arranged into herringbone pattern. I was not prepared to spend WEEKS (probably a slight exaggeration here) cutting wood and arranging it for the wardrobe and the dressing table.. So instead I decided to do 45 degree angle in the middle of the panel for the wardrobe and planned to do the same for the drawers. As it turned out to be such a hard task I scrapped the idea and went with the easy option for the drawers.

We ended up arranging full strips of the pallet wood on an angle and nailing them in place.  It was a lot quicker and easier than the other two projects! I then stained them using Ronseal 5 Year wood stain in Satin (Dark Oak).

Once the wood was securely nailed in place, I painted the remaining frame, drawers and the top using ArtDeco Satin Enamel paint in Classic Black. I got the gorgeous hardware from TK Maxx. Another project for the bedroom makeover – done!!

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2 thoughts on “How to Transform Chest of Drawers using Pallets and Paint

  1. The chest of drawers looks stunning after your makeover! I love that you thought of using the full strips of the pallet wood. It seems like an easy solution, but it’s actually a very clever one. The color you painted the wood in is also lovely. Looking forward to your new DIY projects soon! 🙂

  2. what a beautiful makeover, it does not look like the same piece!!! absolutely stunning, love how you used palletwood

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