Creating the Perfect Bedroom

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As you know I have been planning our bedroom makeover for a while now and finally have started the re-decorating process. I don’t know why we left the bedroom as our last project on the list, as that is one room that should have been right at the top of it !!  If you think about it, bedroom is the room where we spend most of our time in (other than probably our living room).  This room should be place, where you can relax, unwind and rest, so it is important to get it right.

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Choosing the right colour scheme and feel for your room is essential as you want the room to be right for you! Think about how a specific colour makes you feel and test it before you commit to anything.  You don’t want to go into your bedroom and feel stressed or uneasy, as it will affect you and your sleep.

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The second most important thing when designing the bedroom is selecting the bed! Finding your perfect bed will ensure that everyone gets a great night’s sleep!  Choosing an upholstered bed is a perfect way to ensure your bed is both stylish and also practical.

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Before doing anything in our bedroom I gathered swatches, paint samples and colour cards.  I loved the Farrow & Ball Hague Blue and designed our bedroom more or less around this colour.

For years we have had neutral bedrooms with very little colour, as I always thought bold colours may be too much for a bedroom! When I started designing our current bedroom I dared to be a little more adventurous and now want to paint everything in darker tones!! Our colour scheme for the new and improved bedroom is hague blue, neutral beige, pale pink with gold, natural wood and monochrome accents. I was so wrong, the dark colour actually works perfect for our bedroom and creates the exact feel I was after – relaxing yet luxurious space (full makeover to follow).

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Bedroom is our personal haven, a place where we switch off and unwind from a busy schedule, where we re-charge our batteries and get a restful night’s sleep. It is important to create this space around our personal taste and style, so that we feel comfortable in it.

So what is your personal favourite bedroom scheme?  Have you created your perfect personal space to unwind or as us have left it neglected for years?

15 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Bedroom

  1. Can’t wait to see the reveal of you new bedroom. From your mood board I can tell it’s gonna have all the colours that I love and I’m sure it’s gonna look beautiful

  2. Definitely neglected for years. We started a makeover 4 years ago and it’s still not finished. I’m hoping to get it finished this year though. We painted it dark blue and I love it. Makes it so much easier to fall asleep at night being dark and cosy. Top of my priority list for the bedroom is to get a new bed with a lovely headboard and preferably storage. Must check out bed guru.

  3. Can’t wait for the reveal and in love with your chosen colour palette. I’m in the process of redesigning ours and we’ve gone for a darker colour palette too but ours will be more navy.

  4. Can’t wait for the reveal of your room. I have really dark (and lined) curtains to keep every inch of light out too – it helps me sleep so much. This was super timely though as I’m considering a new bed at the moment

  5. My living room is a dark blue and it makes me feel so calm. Lovely ideas here – can’t wait to see the finished room!

  6. It looks like a very similar colour scheme to what I’m going with in my bedroom! I think I’m going for black and white monochrome wallpaper though, but with plenty of blush pink, gold and a teal bed – we’ll see! Can’t wait to see your reveal x

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