Create Quick and Easy FAUX Cherry Blossom Tree

Welcome to our monthly DIY blog challenge. You can catch up with our monthly posts here.  This month’s theme is such a fun one – FAUX FLOWERS!! I love fake flowers and was looking forward to this challenge !! When I tell you this is a quick and easy project, I am not kidding.. I did this project one morning TWO days before this post was due!!! Talk about cutting it fine..

I always have a vague idea on what I am going to make, but this time I was really struggling as I really wanted to create something nice and pretty for the house. Initially, I wanted to make a faux cherry blossom tree, but I thought it would be a bit complicated. Then I left it till the last minute of course, so when I saw a fake hydrangea flower in the shop I knew there was an easy way to make create the cherry blossoms!

Here is what I did. The hydrangea  was a lovely peach colour, I separated each flower and painted a few pink details to make the petals look more realistic (this is totally optional). I used some acrylic paint and it dried pretty quickly.

Once the petals were dry I attached them to this branch of (dead) fuchsia tree Shaun dug out earlier on. I glued the petals one by one on the branches using my hot glue gun.  It is really as easy as that!!


Now I can have the beautiful spring blossoms all year round!!




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