How to Make a Chair Cushion with Ties

It has been so much fun creating my dream craft room, you already may have seen my DIY craft room on a budget and craft room reveal  post and all my other projects.  Today I will be sharing with you how I made the cushion for the chair with some matching ties. I must say I am not very good at sewing and as always improvise a lot, but I am hoping this little tutorial will help someone! It wasn’t as hard as I thought..

I already had the chair I was going to use in the craft room, so I decided to make a matching cushion using the same fabric.

I had a cushion insert and I used it as a template to cut out the shapes giving about an inch extra for seam allowance.  I cut out four strips for the cushion ties, I didn’t take measurements, I would say it was about 3 inches wide and 20 inches long (sorry I am so bad with measurements I normally just trust my intuition).  To make this even easier, you can use a ribbon for the ties.

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First I created the ties.  Fold the fabric in half (right sides together) and sew along the side, repeat on all four pieces.  Once all four pieces are done, using  a long needle or stick push the fabric through, iron them and  your ties are done!

Then I turned to creating the cushion cover itself. Put the right side of the material together and secure it in place with pins.  Fold the top and pin ready for sewing.

Sew along the lines, leaving the top open as shown in the photo. [I learnt later on I should have cut the bottom corners round to make sure the corners were nice and sharp… You live and learn!]

Then pin 2 of the ties on each side where you want them to be (I measured approximately where the spindles of my chair were). Remember to put the ties inside the pouch as that’s where you want them to go and sexure in place by pinning them.  Then sew along, so that you just go over the ties, leaving a gap in the middle.

Then sew along, so that you just go over the ties, leaving a gap in the middle. Do each side seperately.  Leave a big enough gap to turn your cushion cover out.  Once you have turned it back, iron it before you put the cushion insert in.

Put your insert in and sew along the line to close off the cushion. Then simply tie it to your chair!

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