Make the Most of a Small Bedroom by Creating Custom Storage Space

If you read my blog or follow my Instagram you know we are busy decorating our bedroom!  We are doing one project at a time and today I will be showing you, how we made the most of the space in our bedroom and had a custom storage built!

This room has such awkward walls and we wanted to optimise the space. Our bedroom isn’t the biggest either, so when I suggested to paint it all in dark colour using Farrow & Ball in Hague Blue, Shaun was a little apprehensive. It turned out to look AMAZING if I say so myself.  When we moved in, there was an old cabinet left by the owners and we knew we needed something larger in that space as the top part was simply wasted.

After we failed to find a suitable piece of furniture, we decided that the best option was to have custom storage space built especially for the space.  I am not that confident in building wardrobes (yet) so we got a joiner to do the job for us! If you are in the Isle of Man and want the details of our joiner Craig, give me a shout – he did a brilliant job!!

I designed the wardrobe and knew exactly what I wanted and Craig did all the hard work! I needed space to hang the clothes and also some shelving units for shoes, accessories and handbags. I wanted everything tucked away nicely and wanted the wardrobe to blend in nicely with the wall to create an illusion of a bigger space.

I won’t bore you with the details as the pictures are quite self-explanatory and to be honest, Craig did all the hard work!

I found these gorgeous solid brass door handles and Frelan Hardware (Product code JV516PB) kindly sent them to me for my project! They are absolutely perfect and we absolutely LOVE them !

I used Farrow & Ball primer for dark tones and Hague Blue in Estate Eggshell . As it turned out I used the wrong primer for MDF and my wardrobe doors were patchy and didn’t dry properly. Having spoken to customer service I was told they recommend Farrow & Ball Wood Floor Primer for MDF surfaces – if in doubt get in touch with F&B customer services and double-check.. I didn’t! I ended up sanding the 3 doors to remove all the tacky paint and start all over again.

Once the doors were sanded and put back on, I primed them using the correct primer and painted 2 coats of eggshell. It made a huge difference – no more patches or sticky doors!

I put the handles back on and voila – my wardrobe is [finally] finished!! One project down the list and one step closer to our dream bedroom makeover!

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6 thoughts on “Make the Most of a Small Bedroom by Creating Custom Storage Space

    1. Thank you Inese . We went as wide as our normal wardrobe anything wider would be sticking out too much (too deep) and also there’s a little door to the eaves and our storage on the left if we went along the whole wall , I would have to climb through the wardrobe to get to the storage . This was a nice alternative .

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