Create a Beautiful Rustic Christmas Ornament from Palletwood

It is time for our annual Christmas Ornament Exchange, this year I was paired with the lovely Vicki from 2 Bees in  Pod.  We both share the love for traditional Christmas ornaments and have similar colour combinations in out trees. I knew Vicki loved rustic Christmas ornaments so I wanted to create something very authentic. Don’t forget to visit the blog hop post to see everyone’s lovely creations and to add your own handmade creations.

I decided to make an ornament from palletwood. As it was travelling all the way to the USA, I needed to make sure it gets there in one piece, so wood seemed like a good idea!

I cut out the size from pallet, that I had previously planed (you can use a rougher edge if you prefer).  I then drilled the holes in the corners for the ribbon.

To have a nice rustic edge I painted the edges using OFMP paint mixed in pitch black with extra bond (I wanted the top layer to chip) and then painted 3 layers of OFMP in pure white (withuot the extra bond). Once dry, I sanded the edges to reveal the black paint underneath.

I chose to make two ornaments, one with text Joy and one with Love.  I drew a circle and did the lettering using a pencil, I then went over with a fine brush and some black enamel paint.

I used a tool with little round edge to create the folk like wreath.  I used some wax to bring out the dark colour and finally added a simple ribbon.

It is on it’s way to USA and I really hope Vicki will love it as much as I do!!

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