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I created this superhero chalkboard for my friend’s boys as a Christmas present and they absolutely loved it!  I think making a custom superhero chalkboard is such a great way to personalise a little boys room!  There are so many options and imagine what you could do for girls room!


Making this chalkboard was similar to the one above, the only difference was instead of using an old frame or picture, I cut out the frame and the backing from mdf board and using wood glue attached them all together and decoupaged the frame with superheroes I had printed off and cut out.   Do remember to use laser jet printer and not inkjet as otherwise the images will bleed.

I did not have a particular size in mind, so I just approximately drew on the mdf board and measured the frame width.  I then cut out the 4 pieces needed for the frame.


You can find detailed post about making a simple chalk board here.


As the board was drying I could get on with decoupaging the frame.  It is easier to have 4 separate pieces cut out which you can then assemble together.

For decoupage I used various printed images of the superheroes I found online.  You can also use walllpaper, comic books, just be careful the images don’t bleed.

Image found on

For the images you print from the web, remember to prevent bleeding use only laserjet printer and not inkjet. I cut out various pictures and using the mixture of PVA with water (I use around 60% pva glue and 40% water and shake well) I glued them nicely together. Keep gluing the pictures as you go along and after the whole frame is covered, put a  layer of the PVA mixture over the whole frame, don’t go too crazy you don’t want it dripping, this will ensure the pictures will stay firmly on!  Let the frames dry and once they are not sticky, use clear varnish to seal the frame, this will also ensure the frame is watertight.  If you know the frame will be used heavily, put an extra coat of varnish on!  Alternatively use mod podge and you don’t need to seal!

Then it’s time to assemble the frame together, all you need to do is use woodglue and stick the 4 pieces together on the frame and this is the end result!





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