One Year Home Anniversary – What We Have Done So Far

Can you believe it has been a whole year since we bought our first house?!  The official date we purchased the house was 20th July but we did not get the keys or moved in until 30th July simply because we had not returned from our holiday..  Now it has been a year it is nice to look back on what we have achieved so far and our plans for the future..

As we speak we are planning to modernise our living room.  At first we didn’t want to ‘tackle‘ the living room as we thought it made sense to do it all together when we would do the kitchen and dining room renovations, BUT we decided to do something.. The old patterned wallpaper just wasn’t to our taste… it’s been a year and I was so sick of looking at it…. [ps look at Coco photobombing my ‘before’ pictures… 😀 ]

Somehow simply painting the room has turned into planning a whole transformation starting with walls and ending with floors and changing the fireplace! Watch this space..

Now, here is what we have done so far! The flooring was so dated, we actually replaced it in all rooms apart from living/dining room and kitchen…

Our toughest challenge was the hallway for sure!

It took us a few months to transform the space as it was a little more challenging than we first thought..  As well as getting the walls sorted and painted, we also ended up closing off a doorway and fixing the ceiling. 

I also updated our old kitchen cupboards.  We have massive plans for our new kitchen, but as we are saving up for the renovations, we decided to spruce them up a little for the time being.

Next room I tackled was my craft room! It is still my favourite place in the house.  It sometimes feel like I need more space in there when I start doing something, and honestly it only looks this tidy and clean probably a few times a year!

I was keen to start our garden too, you can read about our plans and what we have achieved so far in the garden here.

We are hoping to build a nice pergola and BBQ area next spring!

We decided to have a little break and ‘tackled’ our bathroom in March this year.  It was a nightmare from the start, you can read all about our dramas in my first post. Thankfully we ended up with amazing people who helped us bring it all together (if you need a reliable plumber, tiler and plasterer in the Isle of Man – let me know!!!) I did the full reveal of our bathroom and you can see the post here.

SOOOOO we have actually done quite a bit in only a year! Also, we only had set a certain budget aside for the improvements.. The next challenge is the living room, which I absolutely cannot wait to do as it is the room we currently spend the most time in.. !

Which one is your favourite transformation?


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