New addition to my Tools – Scroll Saw with some Ideas for Future Projects

I have been admiring people making wood carvings and shapes using a scroll saw for such a long time.  I knew I really really really wanted to give it a go myself..  So when I had the opportunity to collaborate with FFX * I jumped at a chance and finally got my hands on a scroll saw myself!!

I chose the Scheppach scroll saw from their range and I can’t wait to try it and let you know what I think..


My initial plan was to create a project and share the fabulous news with you.. I had one in mind and even got myself a nice piece of wood… HOWEVER, as we are going through some major works in the house at the moment and my craft room has become a storage space.. (I have half of our sofa in there at the moment amongst other things..)  The garage is a no go zone at the moment too.. Even though my hubby finally built me a worktop.. It is also not currently accessible.. Need I say more???

I always stress, that everything has to be done properly and with safety in mind.. especially when there are sharp blades involved! SO unfortunately, I have to wait until my workshop is in some sort of order before I attempt a project (it won’t be too long now!)

So today I can simply share with you my new ‘toy’ and show you a few ideas and projects I would love to make…

  1. Reality Daydream 2. Dreaming in DIY 3. The Kim Six Fix 4. Reality Daydream .5 Pinterest

Why don’t you send me a message/comment or email and let me know what project would you like me to do!! Keep it simple for the BEGINNER please!!

BUT first, I have to get the living room renovation out-of-the-way! Wish me luck!!!

*Disclaimer – I was provided with a gift voucher from FFX in exchange for my honest post.   All written content, ideas and experiences are my own and are not influenced by the company in any way.  To view full policy, please visit this link

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