Living Room Inspiration and Plans

I have been spending ages thinking about colour schemes, accessories, wallpapers and decor for our living room.  As always it all comes together slowly and I improvise and add things that I (we) like as we go along.  I work a little backwards sometimes and don’t always have a clear picture of what I want when I start decorating.. So this is what I have got planned for our living room.

I am not an interior designer and kind of plan as I go along, pick things that catch my eye at that moment and imagine how it would look in our home.. My husband is so easy going as long as he gets his 55″  (or bigger!!)TV he is happy!


When we moved in our house, the living room was a tip! It was literally our dumping ground for everything.. boxes, things that had no room, spare furniture you name it!!  We used to sit on 2 arm chairs and would have dinner plates on our laps whilst watching TV.  It took us a few months to choose a sofa and it took 10 WEEKS to actually get it delivered! The sofa was our biggest spend in the whole house to this day.. I am all about compromise, upcycle and do things on the cheap, but you must have key furniture pieces in your house, which you should not feel guilty for splurging the cash on.. for us it was the corner sofa and our bed!I know it is only two three of us in this family but we spend a lot of time in our living room and it also means everyone has room when we have friends or family round!

I love grey colour, so when we chose the colour of the sofa, we knew we would go with dark grey, it is more practical and hopefully will last longer!

I painted this old sideboard to match.  At the moment our TV is sitting on top, but we are planning to (maybe) move the TV above the fireplace so I will have lots of space to put nice accessories on!

We are in the process of removing the wallpaper off the ceiling… YES you read it right.. woodchip wallpaper on the ceiling.. It’s a bloody nightmare, but we are getting there slowly.. Thankfully the walls were not as challenging…

We are also choosing the colour for the walls.. I keep changing my mind.. I painted a little section on several walls and keep looking to see which colour works  best in all different lights.

We purchased a little coffee table from a charity shop and it cost us probably around £20. I will be painting it to tie in with the colour scheme.

We are planning to modernise our old fireplace too..  Our fireplace is off centre so we have to think outside the box.. I am not sure how or whether it is even possible, but I am absolutely in love with these fireplaces.  Then we also need to mount the TV on the wall, hide the wires, sky box, add extra socket…. and we have open fire… easy peasy right?

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As you know I am a huge fan of gallery art, so the wall behind the sofa is blank canvas I can use to add some personality and colour in this room. The main piece will be the portrait I had commissioned for Christmas last year by the super talented Meagan from Arfwork. You can check out her work here she is AMAZING.   I will add a few more pieces and I am planning to paint something special myself too!

Shaun and I had a little debate on the flooring, as Shaun wanted a carpet and I really wanted laminate flooring.. so we finally decided to have Laminate Oak that we have in the hallway and matching skirting boards.  BUT wait it’s not like I got my own way.. hubby actually suggested it but ONLY if we get a biiiiiig rug around the sofa… I call it a compromise!

We have a nice big window that would be a shame to cover with blinds so we decided to keep it open and only add some neutral coloured curtains.  It is pretty private and no one can really look in our living room.. unless they really really try!! I kind of like the neutral colour for the curtains maybe off white or ivory..

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I am hoping to get nice lampshade and maybe a matching table or corner lamp too, I haven’t decided that far yet!  We still have a lot of work to do.. but that is what he have planned so far…  So what do you think ??

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4 thoughts on “Living Room Inspiration and Plans

  1. So fare great ideas. The living room is not easy to decorate, lots of space and need to tie all together. Good luck and keep posted us!

  2. Love the curtains! Neutrals are always the way to go IMO. My hubby & I had more fights over that when we were doing our first house together. He wanted color & I wanted neutral. I let him have his way to keep the peace…LOL. So I like the gray you chose. Hopefully it will last longer. Wonder why the fireplace was off-center? Can’t believe someone put wallpaper on the ceiling, but maybe they were trying to hide flaws. I’d say your house is coming along nicely. I enjoy reading about your progress.

    1. Thank you Florence!! Thankfully, my husband and I agree on most things.. the other things .. well his motto is “happy wife, happy life!!” ha ha I know, I think the woodchip wallpaper was the trend in the 80s in the UK.. Thank you very much!

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