Craft Room Makeover – My Plans

When we moved in our home around three years ago, I had almost zero budget for my craft room. I had to be a little savvy and come up with some ideas on how to create a room which would not only be functional but also nice. I absolutely loved how it turned out.

Three years on, I still don’t have any extra money for this room, but I decided to give it a little update. And when I say a little update, I am planning on changing almost everything (apart from the flooring!!) So let’s start from the beginning.. This is what the craft room (or the downstairs bedroom as it was used by the previous owners) looked like when we moved in

craft room before the transformation

I then redecorated and updated the room on a very tight budget! For a while I was really pleased with it, however, I also realised I had a few issues with the space.

Things I Learnt

Last time I planned the crafts room makeover, I used what I had at the time and although I did think about functionality, I was not entirely sure how I would actually use the room. It started as just an office at first, where I would blog and use the blank wall as area to take photos of my projects. I also wanted it to be the space, where I could create and hold all my craft supplies. The reason for the space has not changed much but I have learns a few things on how to best use the small space I have.

I realised I had two main “problem areas” with this craft room.

  1. The layout was not great; and
  2. I needed more storage, lots more storage!!

Things I am Changing


The table being in the middle of the room made it a little awkward. The wall on the right hand side was a bit of a ‘dead‘ space. Initially I wanted to use it for photo shoots, but the light in this room was not ideal, so I always ended up taking photos in a different room. I also have never used the chair in the corner, although it did look nice with the pug cushion.


I will be getting rid of the chair as it just uses spaces and doesn’t serve any real purpose other than looking great! I am also planning on getting a bigger table (second hand) and moving it tight against the wall. This should give me a bit more floor space. I am also moving the turquoise cabinet against the right hand side wall (that was basically unused space), giving me enough space to add some more storage.


At the moment my only storage was the wardrobe (which is completely full) with paints, brushes, clay, fabric spilling out.. and the cabinet, which stored all my paperwork, Coco’s and household papers as well as personal files and also my acrylic paints and supplies.

My plan is to sort and store the papers on the shelves in a nice and neat order using some lever arch files. I also have some craft equipment that I need to store and be able to use. Simple change of moving the cabinet near the wall (where the electric outlet is), solves so many problems!

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I got some mdf shelves from an office clearance. As they were all different depths and sizes, we ended up using the larger ones building the bookshelves in the living room and kept the smaller ones for the craft room.

This also means that I will have lots of space for paperwork and some of my craft supplies.


I also learnt that I make a lot of mess in the craft room (surprise surprise!!) especially when painting furniture. I am not actually supposed to paint any furniture there and everything messy was supposed to happen in the garage.. However, it is quite cold in the garage especially in the winter, so I have ended up moving things in the crafts room and doing it there.. tut tut!

As I am too lazy to cover anything, I ended up scraping the paint off the floor constantly. I am thinking of putting a rug down to stop me from bringing any more furniture in and being messy as well as making it look pretty. I know I will break my own rule of not painting furniture there so I promise to cover it up if I was to paint anything.


(1) Black Wardrobe with brass handles (image source), (2) Matthew Williamson Light Pendant – Zara (not sure the budget will stretch that far though), (3) Dulux – Soft Stone Paint, (4) Artwork “Moonchild” from Sian Jordan Designs, (5) Knurled Brass Handles

The craft room was originally painted using paints I had left over from other projects. I didn’t really think about the colours I liked and used a lot of neutral colours and greys. I must say did enjoy painting the stencilled wall! I injected a bit of colour with this bright turquoise.

Although I love my craft room, I am getting more and more attracted to dark colours and splashes of pink (as you can tell from the changes in our home). I will be using shades of pink, black and gold as my main three colours in the room.

I still have not decided on everything 100% as I tend to start with an idea and see where it takes me.. changing my mind and trying things out as we go along. As I am typing this I am debating whether to paint the chair black or sand and have the natural grain of the wood.. Decisions decisions.. One thing I do know, the new and improved craft room will look amazing.

Since buying our house I have learnt so many lessons.. I always thought getting things done quickly will work out but each day I learnt that actually by taking time and thinking through what each room will really be used as makes such a big difference! Hence all the changes recently in our home..

Watch this space!

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