Embellished belt – DIY


I absolutely love the gorgeous bridal belts and thought I could give it a go myself..

All you need for this project:-

– needle and thread
– ribbon
– embellishments, crystals, pearls
industrial strength glue and glue gun

IMG_0421Cut out an approximate shape out of felt for the belt, giving some extra room for tidying up your project.  Play around with your embellishments and see how they will work. I combined a variety of beads, pearls, glass beads, crystals and re-used a brooch from my hairband.. whatever was nice and sparkly I used!!

Start sewing the embellishments from the centre and keep going.. If you don’t feel like sewing, you can easily use the glue and glue them up..


IMG_8092 IMG_8127 IMG_8153

Once you are happy with your belt and the shape, cut the remaining fabric carefully around the edges….

In order to mask the back of the belt, just cut out another shape identical to your belt and glue it together, this will also straighten the embellished part.


Then simply measure the ribbon as long as you want, cut it and glue the embellished bit in the centre.


It took me a while to make it but I absolutely adore it!! Not bad for my first attempt.


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11 thoughts on “Embellished belt – DIY

    1. Thank you, yes I left it so that I can tie it in a bow myself and I think it looks quite pretty.. Also, its more practical as if I had eaten too much I can loosen it up a bit 😀

    1. Thanks Zen!! It took me a few evenings, but I really like fiddly things like this, so I was doing it as I was watching (listening) the tv. The small glass beads took ages to sew on but I thought they were worth the effort!

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