Vintage inspired lace photo frame

I love photographs and photo frames, I must have accumulated hundreds over the years.. I think they make a lovely present for any occasion too, so this may inspire someone to make a special photo frame..

DSC07555 amended

Items you will need:-

– old photo frame
– chalk paint and wax
– paint brush
– sand paper
– embellishments
industrial strength glue
glue gun

So I started with a simple silver photo frame, similar to this..

silver frame before

I painted the frame in lovely cream colour using chalk paint. It is simple to use and all the preparation you need to do is wipe the frame clean and dry and start painting! After a couple of coats, use the wax to seal the frame. I sanded only  slightly to allow the silver frame to shine through..

Then comes the fun part – decorating the frame.  Normally, when I am decorating anything I don’t really have a definite idea in my head, I kind of go with the flow and play around with different ideas until I am happy with it.. most of the time it is trial and error.. well this time it wasn’t any different..

I decided to use a lovely lace ribbon matching the colour of the frame, some pearls and crystals.


measure the ribbon by trying it on the frame and glue using the industrial strength glue. I use E6000 as it is brilliant.


Then go around the whole frame until you are happy with it



I wasn’t quite happy with the corners so I decided to make some lace flowers and glue them over. just fold over and glue as you go along. I used the glue gun as I was going along as the glue dried straight away and made it a lot easier


And it turned out to look quite nice like a small flower! I made four of these for each of the corners



I then added some pearls and diamontes to make it sparkle


I then glued all flowers on the four corners


And this is the finished product!






DSC07555 amended

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  1. Hello Evija, your frame is so romantic! You have a really great blog. I joined to your followers. If you should come and see me. A hug from Italy. Paola.

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