Bookcase – from Drab to FAB


I quite like to go to our local amenity site to look for some unwanted items that I can turn into something nice and give it a second chance in life..

I was so surprised when I saw this beautiful bookcase being left there to rot… I had my inspiration glasses on so, I picked it up and thought I could use my magic on it…




I do not have step by step pictorial on this, however, this is how I achieved the look:-

First I cleaned the bookcase thoroughly with a damp cloth and then dried it.

Then I sanded lightly the wood to get rid of the scratches and the varnish that was chipping.

Once the bookcase was nice and clean I painted the bookcase using a chalk paint in blue shade, it needed a few coats so I sanded lightly in between the coats.

When I was happy with the coverage I waxed the shelves.

I then cut out the wallpaper to decoupage the back of the shelves. As I was using the bookshelf in my shed I used the same bird wallpaper I used to cover the walls.

I used watered down PVA glue to stick the wallpaper to the back of the shelf and then used an old credit card to get rid of the air bubbles, then covered the top with some more PVA glue and let it all dry.  Once the shelves are dry I used some clear varnish to seal the decoupaged area


close up


And finished product ready to go up on the wall!


And this is it on the wall – used all the time and is not only beautiful but also practical!


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13 thoughts on “Bookcase – from Drab to FAB

  1. This is wonderful, I especially love the wallpaper as we featured it in our little girl’s room! I hope you don’t mind me asking what wax you used over the chalk paint? I’ve never really had brilliant results – lots of times its ended up cloudy :/

    1. Hi Holly, thank you very much. I have a love/hate relationship with the wax to be honest.. For this project I used Rust Oleum paint and their wax, it worked ok but It wasn’t as even as I hoped so I distressed a little. I normally use Annie Sloan’s wax which I really like. I use paper towel to remove excess and then buff straight away with microfibre cloth and buff buff buff till my arm falls off! 🙂 make sure the cloth is not too waxy as you go along, you have to have clean cloth.. sometimes its great sometimes not so great, so I know what you mean.. I have used clear varnish on top of wax for items I wanted more shiny.. or recently I put wallpaper on the back of a mirror and painted it with chalk paint and used mod podge gloss over for a nice shiny look. 🙂

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