On the 5th Day of Christmas – SANTA JAR

This is day five of my 12 day Challenge… Remember the sparkly glasses I did on Day 1…?  well today I am showing another little fun project I did using some glitter. As you can tell I LOVE glitter… well who doesn’t???

DSC_1192 text

Follow the same steps as I showed you with glasses, the only difference with this project is that I had to be patient and layer the different colours one by one.


First, I cut the tape and taped it around the jar, so that that particular area would not be covered in glitter for now.


I then used mod podge and sprinkled the red glitter.  When the red glitter was sealed and dry, I cut out a ‘buckle’ shape from the tape and put it in the middle of the uncovered area, this is again to prevent the glitter from sticking to that particular area.


I then carefully sprinkled some black glitter and sealed the area.  Then I removed the tape and using a small brush covered the ‘buckle’ with mod podge and added some gold glitter and sealed.

Then the last step was to add some white glitter around the rim of the jar and seal.  And then little Santa Jar was done!  What do you think??

On the…. 5th Day of Christmas Evija made…..  GLITER SANTA JAR!!!!!







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