Buying Our Dream Home – Our Journey – Part 1

Hi everyone.. I decided to start a series of  posts relating to our dream home and our journey.. We have not yet bought our house, but my hubby and I are saving every penny we have so that we can purchase the house of our dreams hopefully later this year!  It is super exciting and at the same time superscary! So I hope you will enjoy reading about our journey…

saving for our dream home

So here is our story…

I came to the Isle of Man in 2004 and pretty much made the decision to move here the same year.  I was only supposed to come for the summer on students’ exchange programme but I am guessing my summer got extended a bit if you know what I mean…  🙂


I have been ‘properly’ living on the island for 11 years now.  I left the university, my family and friends back in Latvia, packed my 3 suitcases and moved to the little Isle of Man to be with my [now] hubby in 2005.  My family has been so supportive of my decision as all they really want is for me to be happy..


At first we moved in with Shaun’s family and then we rented 3 different apartments and a bungalow.. we then decided a couple of years ago when the landlord had sold the bungalow, that it was time to start thinking about trying to buy our own house…  It is quite difficult as you need at least 10% deposit to purchase a house and let me tell you houses in the Isle of Man are not cheap!  So plan – Save for our Dream Home  commenced in May 2014!


I love love love American style houses with a beautiful porch….

ar123052230451058 (1)
image source – google

hmmm however.. to be able to have anything like this in the Isle of Man you better be a millionaire and we are not quite there yet 🙂

On average a lovely 3 bedroom house in the Isle of Man would cost anywhere between £190,000-£300,000 depending on the size and location..

More realistic…

image source – google

Our dream house is lovely and spacious with three bedrooms and a lovely garden where our Coco can run around and also where I could grow some vegetables.  I would definitely need space for my workshop too…


 …and my hubby’s main priority – the area has to have a snooker club nearby!!! Talk about priorities….

We are saving and hoping it is not going to be a dream for too long and we can finally buy something soon..  Of course since 2014 we have had some ups and downs, extra expenditures, family bereavement, car troubles, vet’s bills, travel emergencies the list goes on, BUT we are fortunate enough to still be on course to our dream – Buying Our Dream Home… Let’s hope 2016 is the year!!!

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13 thoughts on “Buying Our Dream Home – Our Journey – Part 1

  1. GOOD LUCK! We are *hopefully* looking to buy this year too albeit in London. All of your wants are my want too but I’ll be settling for a tiny two bed instead 🙂 just being able to paint the walls will be AMAZING. I look forward to seeing the rest of the posts in this series

    1. Thank you, then you know exactly how excited I am 🙂 London is very expensive even more so than the Isle of Man! I can’t wait for all the DIY projects.. My pinterest is in overdrive with all ‘dream home’/’dream room’ posts 🙂 Good Luck to you too!!

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