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November is here and so is our monthly DIY Blog Challenge! If you missed out on any of the challenges, you can catch up with them here.  This month’s theme is of course Christmas related as it is only less than 5 weeks left to Christmas now!!! Our theme this month is – “DIY Christmas Decorations”.

I am totally obsessed with handmade Christmas ornaments, so I was very excited to take part this month.


There are so many amazing decorations and ornaments available you will be spoilt for choice in the shops, but I always think a handmade item is so much nicer! So I started a little tradition now, that each year I will make at least one new ornament for our tree.

I wanted to do a little decoupage project as I got some lovely robin napkins and I thought they would be perfect for this.  I got some plastic baubles from the craft shop and split them in half.  I tried two different things, so you can judge which one turned out nicer. The first one was a printed image, you can get the image here and the second one was my napkin.

I  covered the bauble with mod podge and put my napkin face down (this is called reverse decoupage). Don’t forget to separate the 3 layers and use only the top layer.  I then smoothed the napkin gently and put a layer of mod podge on top and let it dry.  Once dry I painted the outside of the bauble with chalk paint as I wasn’t quite sure of my text step.

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As I had some snow texture at home, I ended up covering the bauble in it and added some extra around the rim.

When the snow paste dried, I glued some embellishments around the front using a hot glue gun.

I then added the ribbon and the ornament was done!

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6 thoughts on “DIY Blog Challenge – Robin Christmas Decoration

  1. The ornaments are so pretty and so unique! They look lovely hanging from your tree. I haven’t used mod podge, but I’ve seen so many pretty things done with it, I’m going to have to give it a try!

  2. This is such a pretty and traditional ornament, I love the snow texture product you have used! I need to give that a try 🙂
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

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