Creating An ‘Instagrammable’ Bathroom

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If you’re the sort of person that knows that tapping twice equals a ‘like’ then chances are that you are a fan of the hugely popular social network they call instagram. Instagram, or ‘insta’ as you may have heard it called, is a fantastic place where you can share and follow the things that interest you the most.

If you’re currently in the midst of planning a new bathroom, then Instagram is an excellent resource for bathroom ideas and inspiration. If you search the hashtags #bathroomideas or #bathroominspo on Instagram you will be thrown into a world of beautiful bathroom designs and bang-on-trend bathroom features and accessories. These stunning bathroom suite designs you see on Instagram have coined the term an ‘instagrammable’ bathroom; that is, a bathroom that looks so good it deserves the limelight of being shared and liked on Instagram.

“I want an instagrammable bathroom” I hear you say? Well you’re in luck, the team behind the Victorian Plumbing instagram page have compiled this expert guide to planning, designing and delivering an instagrammable bathroom.


Instagram is a place for bathroom ideas and inspiration. As we pointed out earlier, a great place to start looking for ideas for your new bathroom is by searching certain well-known hashtags. As well as #bathroomideas and #bathroominspo why not also try searching the hashtags: 

#bathroomrenovation #bathroomgoals #bathroomdesign #bathroomstyle#bathroomremodel

In addition to looking through the pictures why not ask a question or two of the person who has shared a particular picture you like. You can ask questions by simply adding a comment below a post. Engaging in conversation on Instagram is a great way to begin discovering new ideas and products.


One surefire way of setting yourself up for designing an instagrammable bathroom is to keep a close eye on what’s on-trend in bathroom design right now. Searching the hashtag #bathroomtrends is a great way of keeping on top of what’s hot this year and next.

One of the biggest bathroom design trends worth keeping your eye out for is that of grey bathrooms. Other popular designs trends are Moroccan bathroom tiles, rose gold taps and accessories, marble & gold bathrooms, bathroom plants and metro tiles.


The tiles you choose for your new bathroom are a great way of making your design stand out from the crowd. Moroccan and metro tiles, as mentioned above, have been a big trend in recent times. Other tile trends that have been hitting the headlines include hexagon shaped tiles, wood effect tiles, and any type of grey tile.

As well as choosing a stand out tile for your new bathroom you might also want to consider using your tile in a creative way. Tiling just a small section of your bathroom with a contrasting tile is a clever way of instantly creating a feature in your bathroom. Alcoves and the area behind a freestanding bath or basin are nice places in your bathroom to consider a tile feature.

If you want to recreate the tile effect on your floor without putting a huge dent in your budget, then why not consider vinyl flooring? Polyflor Vinyl can get you the flawless tiled floor look you desire at the right price and with complete ease. It is as simple as sticking it to your floor, and perfect it you have an awkwardly shaped room to cover as it’s quick and easy to shape and fit.


After you have chosen the main fixtures and fittings for your new room the next port of call is to start thinking about bathroom accessories. Accessories are a great way of adding a little personality to your bathroom. Rose gold bathroom accessories have proven really popular on instagram, as have bold prints and paintings for the walls of your bathroom.

Quirky or unusual bathroom accessories are sure to provoke a glut of ‘insta’ admirers of your new bathroom too. The key things to remember when picking out your bathroom accessories is to choose items that you really love and also things that match up with the style and presence of the rest of your new room.

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