Quality Products that will Last or a Cheaper Alternative – What would you choose?

Disclaimer:  This post has been made in collaboration with Made To Last You can view our full policy here.  As always all opinions and ideas expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

When I was contacted by Joel to see if I wanted to collaborate with Made To Last  to spread their message, I was totally on board!!  As you know I love a good bargain and most of the furniture I have used in our home is either second-hand or upcycled simply because I believe in quality items, that will last and can be used again and again! Sadly nowadays, furniture is not built in the same way as it used to be. Cheap home furnishings are available to purchase at a fraction of cost everywhere you look.  Do we care about the cost or quality? It seems like people tend to buy things cheap and keep replacing them all the time, which believe it or not ends up costing us more in the long-term! Don’t believe me? Then keep reading…

When we bought our house nearly two years ago, I knew we would have to invest in key pieces, that would have to stand the test of time. We saved up and when it came to choosing our bed and sofa, we did not cut corners, as we knew they will have to last us for many years!  Yes, we ended up spending a little more than we first anticipated, but for us it was important to get something that was high quality and would be in our home for many years to come.

At Made to Last part of our mission is to help people understand the difference between “cheap” and “good value for money” as they are very different things. –  Joel Chudleigh – Founder of MADE TO LAST.

Nowadays there are endless options to purchase home furnishings and lighting, ranging from a few pounds to very extravagant pieces that will set you back tens of thousands of pounds. We have so much choice, we get confused as to whether we should get a cheap piece and keep replacing it or spend a little extra and get a quality piece that will last us a long time. Buying furniture is the same as everything else in life whether it is buying new shoes, clothes, make up or paying for services – you get what you pay for!

Image credit – Made To Last – Buckingham Chesterfield Chair

We shop with our eyes and will always try to find the best deal at the best price. But does the cheapest option really is the best?  For instance… take a sofa from shop X at £300 and the same type of sofa from shop Y for £1,000. Which one would you go for?? The cheaper one of course!!!! You save the £700 and go for the cheapest option, no brainer right?? Well, what would you do if I told you that the cheaper sofa would last you only for a year but the one for £1,000 would last for  10…  Would that have changed your mind when making a decision?? I sure think so..! As it turns out,  in the long-term the cheaper sofa would actually end up costing you twice as much!

Screenshot from Made To Last

I think it is important to see what you are buying and whether or not it will last.. yes reviews are great but normally they tell you what the customer thinks about a product, when they receive it not one, two or five years down the line.. At Made to Last all of the products have a clear guarantee shown on the product page next to the price so that customers can therefore  easily understand the value for money.

When we buy a washing machine or a fridge, we normally ask what is the guarantee on them?? Why don’t we ask for a guarantee when we buy a light fixture or a table?? If you had the option where you could see a price and guarantee would it change your mind when shopping for items?

To read more about the brand and how the sustainable shopping can benefit you financially and help the environment visit Made To Last blog.


10 thoughts on “Quality Products that will Last or a Cheaper Alternative – What would you choose?

  1. I love this Evija, I’m much more a fan of sustainable home-building and really don’t like it when people constantly change things up/redecorate all the time. I’d definitely save up for the more expensive item if I knew it was built to last X

  2. This is such an interesting topic. If I can afford it of course I will opt for something more expensive and well made. However, sometimes due to budget constraints I end up going down the IKEA route. Having said that I still have a few pieces from IKEA that I’ve had since uni 18 years ago that have withstood the test of time. I much prefer buying well just the once though.

  3. Thinking about this a lot recently too and because we are so strapped at the minute it’s hard to say that I’d choose the expensive option right now. But we have in the past. And an actual guarantee to secure those items is a massive USP!

  4. I like your reasoning. I was brought up to buy nice quality that will last, classic clothes which never go out of style, and I agree that the modern stuff is pressboard which doesn’t hold up for the long term.

  5. i try to chose major big pieces so they will last accessories come and go so those dont have to last as long but fixture for me is something that i cannot afford to constantly buy so i try to buy it with 20 years in mind x

  6. Completely on board with quality over price! Our landfill sites just can’t cope with the amount we end up throwing away. We definitely need to re-educate ourselves in thinking not only about what we buy but the future of our environment too! I like the idea of being able to see how long something will last especially when buying on the internet as you can’t always see the quality. My father in law was a furniture maker and so I’ve now got into the habit of really checking the quality of pieces and how they’ve been made to ensure that I’m buying a piece that has longevity as well as good looks. He still has furniture in his home that’s lasted 50 years!! Great post Evija 😀

  7. I’ve always had a motto of quality over quantity and you’ve hit the nail on the head. I don’t want to “consume” more, I want to purchase better in the first place! I just wish there were more upholsters around at accessible prices.

  8. This is so true… I actually remember my mum saying “If you buy cheap, you’ll end up buying twice ” and it is still very accurate. This doesn’t mean I don’t buy cheap stuff for the house but sometimes it is worth thinking twice before spending your money.

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