DIY Spring Plant Pots – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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Mothering Sunday* is just around the corner and what better way to say Happy Mother’s Day to your special mum than making a handmade gift especially for her. I will show you in a few easy steps how to create beautiful plant pots that can be personalised for your mum.

Mother's Day plant pot gift idea

You will need:

Start by painting your terracotta plant pots in the colour of your choice. I chose Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in original and DecoArt chalky finish paint in mint.

You can paint either one block colour or be a bit more adventurous and use two colours. To achieve nice crisp lines, use a tape and paint over a different colour.

Whilst your paint is drying start creating the embellishments using the air clay. I got these alphabet stamps a while ago and finally got the chance to try them out. Roll the clay and cut out any shape you want (you can use mini cookie cutters or small lids for round shapes)

Press the stamps and create any words or text you want. I made a few different embellishments as I was not entirely sure which ones would look the best. To create a nice lace pattern on the little love hearts, I used a lace ribbon and rolled over to make an impression in soft clay.

I also used a plant leaf and lavender to create little impressions in the clay (but didn’t use them in the end). Then leave them to dry for at least 24 hours (or follow the instructions on your packet).

Mother's day gift idea clay shapes

Make sure the plant pot and clay embellishment is clean and free of dirt, grease and oil. Apply adhesive to the pot and the clay embellishment . To maximise bond strength wait approximately two minutes for adhesive to partially dry before joining both surfaces.

Press surfaces firmly together (this glue is repositionable, it provides an instant bond but is repositionable for a short time). Allow for a minimum of 24 hours for full cure. Seal the paint using clear varnish.

mother's day gift plant pot DIY

Plant your chosen plants and your Mother’s Day gift is ready for your mum!!

mother's day gift plant pot DIY
mother's day gift plant pot DIY
mother's day gift plant pot DIY
mother's day gift plant pot DIY
mother's day gift plant pot DIY
mother's day gift plant pot DIY

* Mothering Sunday 31st March in the UK

5 thoughts on “DIY Spring Plant Pots – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

  1. This is such a cute idea for Mother’s day.. The kids could make this for their mum’s at the nursery, thank you for sharing

  2. I’m sure you cannot plant a real plant in this decorated pot because the moisture from the soil will make the paint peel. I tried this type of idea and the chalk paint came off within a couple of weeks. If you copy this project, you need to insert a plastic pot with good drainage, then plant your flowers in it. Then you can keep your pretty pot and reuse it later for something cute!

    1. Thank you Penny, I have painted plant pots this way for years and never had any problems . Make sure you seal the pot using a clear varnish/ seal rather than wax to make sure the paint doesn’t peel.

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