Renovation Diaries: Bathroom Makeover Plans

When we first came to view the house, we both new straight away that this bathroom had the potential of being a nice big family bathroom with a few little tweaks. The original layout was never going to work for us. This house was built in the 1930’s, people lived differently back then. Houses built in the 1930’s did have separate bathroom and a separate toilet, we knew we would change that and as there was enough space we just had to come up with a new layout and design. You can catch up with our home renovation posts here.

Shaun’s priority was a big shower, where I wanted a nice big freestanding bath. Our plans on having a dormer built to make more space were quashed pretty much as soon as the planning was submitted and we got the comments from the Planning Officer. After a meeting and discussions with the Planning Officer, we knew there was no way of convincing them, the plans were going to be rejected an to be honest we really didn’t want to appeal and delay this renovation project any more.

After a few days, having spoken about it, we decided to look on the bright side, save approximately £15k in building costs and work with that we have. We totally changed the layout, design and had to have a couple of compromises along the way, but dare I say, this design is actually much better than our original plans. We may not have gained the maximum area for the room but I think we have made it work!


The toilet and bathroom were two separate rooms and there was a little airing cupboard where the water cylinder was living and a lot of wasted space.

current layout

We knew this bathroom had a huge potential if the layout was planned correctly. We had a challenge on our hands to turn this bathroom into a big and modern space.


Our plan is to combine these rooms together to create one big space. We are also going to move the newly installed water cylinder from the airing cupboard and move the internal walls, so that we would gain a bit more space. Sadly there is nothing we can do about the slanted walls, but as that is where the bath will be going, it is not going to cause us too many problems! We are also moving the doorway and the cupboard/little landing will become our new shower enclosure.

The plan is still not finalised, the toilet is going to move and the bath is going to be the centrepiece of the room with the large velux window above it, shower enclosure is also slightly bigger than I the plans.

new layout


My dreams of having a beautiful glass enclosure are sadly a no go with this layout, however, we have now decided to have a lovely tiled enclosure instead. I picked these gorgeous gloss tiles, which will reflect the light and hopefully won’t make the space too enclosed.

Mandarin Stone – Hoxton Range

I have also selected a nice black shower tray with matching grate in size 1000 x1500 to give us some extra room for manoeuvre!

As we no longer are going for the big building work and installing the dormer upstairs, we don’t require planning permission which means we can pretty much start the work straight away. I have ordered everything (apart from the velux as we still need to wait for the planning for this, which will hopefully be through next week) and currently all items are wrapped up on the pallet on our drive. We still have shower tray and taps which we are waiting to arrive. This ties in nicely with the availability of our tiler as well and the fact all upstairs must be re-wired and ceilings dropped.

Things to remember when renovating a house.. things never go to plan, something always changes and there are always issues and problems along the way.. It is important not to dwell on things and make a new plan. Think about what is important and what isn’t. Yes our plans on building a dormer changed but we decided to do something different and in the end not only we are saving money but ending up with a design that actually works very well for us! So if things sometimes don’t go to plan, they still may work out in the end!

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