How to Make an Easy DIY Bolster Pillow


There are various bolster tutorials available online so when I did my French Style Seat Makeover, I thought the seat was missing something and a bolster pillow seemed like a perfect fit.  I decided to give it a go and improvise with things I already had at home.

This is just a rough guide and my way of doing it, there is probably a much better way but sometimes I just like to jump into a project blindfolded!

As I did not have a shop bought pillow foam or an actual bolster pillow, I decided to use an old pillow I no longer needed and simply folded it into the cylinder form, so it wouldn’t move whilst I was working with the fabric, I stitched the ends so it kept it’s form.


I did not measure exactly the amount of fabric I needed, I simply used the pillow as a template and marked how much fabric I would need, giving around 1/2 inch extra (I used French Toile on this). For the end (round parts) I cut out approximately two pieces 21 X 3.5 inches (light fabric) and cut some blue fabric for the piping (again I did not measure it properly, simply used the pillow to measure how much I would need).


With right sides together sew an 1/2 inch seam across your larger piece (toile fabric), where the piping would go (along the shorter side).



Then place your lighter fabric and sew along, so the piping is inside.


Put right sides together and fold over 1/2 inch so that  a raw edge does not show . Make sure your piping aligns when you sew.

Then your bolster pillow is ready to be stuffed.

Using a needle and a thread, sew along the edge and pull the stitch, it does not need to be super neat as you will be covering with a button.


I did a little hack on this one… Instead of doing a button (as I wanted a flat button rather than a round one), I used a 2 pence coin and covered it in fabric.


Then simply glued it in the centre of the pillow and it was done!

I apologise if the instructions are not super clear (they are probably not even the right way of doing it), but as usual I improvise and it turned out pretty good if I say so myself!






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  1. This pillow looks great. I’m going to try it. Plus your directions were easy to follow. Great job on the fly. Lol

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