Final Part – WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

If you have been following our story.. here comes the exciting post. The last and most exciting part of our journey..  *******Spoiler Alert********* – WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!


In my last post I told you that Shaun and I found two houses.. both beautiful, both within our reach (well almost!), now was the decision time.  Do we go for House A, which was more expensive but we thought was smaller and worth less than House B.  Or House B which we were willing to put our maximum budget to, but would need some work doing. Decisions Decisions…

WELL???????  We went for House B!!!!! This house has a massive POTENTIAL! I know I love that word.. but it really does… Shaun and I are not scared of hard work to make this house our dream home!

I will not bore you with the legal and all other in between stuff like waiting, stressing, signing the papers, and will go straight to the point – WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!  

Remember my list?? This house ticks ALL boxes – it even  has a fire place!!!

dream- house-wish-list

Hubby promissed me once we had our home, he would carry me over the threshold! He kept his promise, even though it was raining, he was tired and the door kept closing !


I cannot actually believe it – my hubby and I are now home owners!  Let the hard work commence…  I will be sharing how we update the house, with lots of interesting projects so do bear with me at this super exciting time as my head is full of ideas and plans!!


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If you are buying a house or planning on buying a house.. here is our timeline*:-

*remember, we do not have a chain, we are first time buyers so the process will be different for those in a chain ..  We are also based in the Isle of Man and the buying process might be different in other areas

7th May – Viewing the house

18th May – Put an offer /Offer accepted

23rd May – Meeting with the Bank/ Mortgage Application

25th May – Mortgage Approved/Bank Survey Ordered and Solicitor instructed*

*as we instructed the solicitor in the first sale, all the documents/retention were in order already, so just had to give them heads up.

1st June – Survey/Inspection of the house

6th June  – Survey from the Bank received & accepted by the Bank**

** Delays as it is TT races on the Isle of Man and many people are on holiday! 🙁

June/July – Draft contracts, enquiries and searches (all legal work and waiting waiting waiting …)

6th July – signed papers & transferred the deposit (EEK!!! it’s really happening!!)

8th July – Exchange of contracts

20th July – Completion!

30th July – BIG MOVE!***

***we were on holiday until 27th July so could not move until we got back!! 😀

From Evija with Love SIGNATURE NEW

6 thoughts on “Final Part – WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

    1. Thank you Florence!!! I was dying to tell you – you were right- we went for House B!!!! 🙂 Potential and lots of fun projects ahead!! Thank you so much, I am super excited! xx

  1. Congratulations, Evija! So happy for you and Shaun. Been following the story and I know you will eventually find your dream house! Have fun decorating it..and don’t forget to share it with us. Happy #OMHGWW 🙂

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