Craft Room and Office Space Ideas

I told you in my last post, that we have finally bought our own house! YIPEE!! Now comes the fun part (and the hard part too!) – make it into our dream home.  First, we need to decide what to do with the space, which rooms to decorate, what jobs need doing first and how much money we have left!


I am normally super-organised, but when it comes to this house I want to do it all NOW! 🙂 Our initial plan was to start with upstairs – the two bedrooms and the bathroom. Somehow we ended up starting with the room I thought would be the last on our list – the third bedroom, which we will turn into my craft room/blogging space.

I normally work outside in fresh air, when I am painting furniture and the garage will be my new workshop.  So this room will really be my haven, where I will be doing some craft projects, sewing, taking photos and blogging! It needs to be nice, light and also functional!

Here is the before picture!


So first things first –  look at some ideas and choose what I want and need in this room!  Ok I am kidding of course we started by ripping out the carpet and the skirting boards.


I came from work one night and wanted to check how easy it would be to take the wallpaper off.  So I ripped ALL the wallpaper in the whole room!!! Eager Evija as I have been called before!


Ok, now once the hard work was done, I could turn to my beloved Pinterest and look at some inspiration.. Here is my Pinterest Board filled with lots of ideas for a lovely craft room.

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Here are some of my favourite craft rooms/office spaces!

*If you are loving any of these rooms as much as I do, please Pin them from the original source by clicking on each link.


Photography: Janae Hardy & Heather Freeman, Image source


Image Source


Image source



Image source

Would love to hear your suggestions and ideas, leave them in the comments!

Watch this space!


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  1. Oh Evija, I loveeeee all those pinned office spaces. They are gorgeous! I will soon start the renovation of my house back home and I will definitely look at those pinterest boards :). Happy #OMHGWW

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