How to Fix and Level a Sagging Ceiling

As you know we have been renovating and decorating our beautiful house since last year! I shared with you last week the full hallway reveal and if you have been following our journey you know the issues we have encountered along the way!  One of the issues was the sagging ceiling.. so as promised I am sharing the full DIY tutorial on how we fixed it!  You can catch up with the older posts below .

We had the walls plastered and they now were nice and smooth and the more we looked at our ceiling the more you could tell it was sagging!  After all the work we had done already, fixing a ceiling was not really in the budget.  We thought about other options and at first we were going to do some cladding over.

We priced it out and in the end decided to spend a little bit extra and get a nice smooth ceiling instead!  If we were going to fix up the house, we were going to do it right!

Before any work was done with the ceiling, we decided to start by moving the light by approximately a metre further down.

Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this idea – it was my hubby’s suggestion and I could not agree more.  It looks so much better and balances out the long staircase!  To move the light, we got a qualified electrician in! He did a great job as now it means we can get a gorgeous light fixture to hang nicely in our stairwell.

Now back to the sagging ceiling..  Thankfully, it turned out that the ‘sag’ was cosmetic rather than structural.  The old plaster board came loose, so instead of ripping it all out, we (and by “we” I mean my father-in-law and my hubby) screwed the old plasterboard to the beams to secure them. The sag was still obvious so we decided to level it out.  We studded the ceiling using 2×1 batting, first created the frame around and as there was a 2 inch sag in some places we had to notch the timber to suit (as you can see from the pictures).  This also ensured that we did not have to drop the ceiling too low.

Once the ceiling was studded, we placed sheets of plasterboard and screwed them securely in.  Then the ceiling was plastered and once dry we could paint it.

Do remember to water your emulsion down if you have a freshly plastered wall (mist coat).  If you don’t thin the first coat down, the paint will sit on top as the plaster is so dry it sucks all the water out the paint too quickly. With a thinned down coat it will pull right into the plaster. After all the hard work you don’t want the paint to start peeling off!

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To add a little bit of character we decided to put coving around to finish it off.  What do you think?

And here is our gorgeous light fixture!

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2 thoughts on “How to Fix and Level a Sagging Ceiling

  1. Don’t know what “coving” is, but looks like everything got nicely fixed. Another problem solved! And luckily it was just cosmetic. Are y’all finished yet?

    1. Thank you Florence ! Hallway is now fully done , still lots to do in the rest of the house though. Coving is the moulding around the edges, wall covering I’m not really sure what they are called in the USA .

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