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You probably have already seen the Living Room post reveal I shared with you last week. BUT as this month’s theme for our A Year if Interiors Group is “Living Rooms” I decided to talk a bit more about the living room and why it is such an important room in the house.. You can catch up with last month’s post here.

Let’s see why living rooms are so important.. Firstly, it is because we probably spend most of our time in this room, whether it is just relaxing on the sofa, watching tv, spending time with your family or entertaining guests.

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When we tried to decide on how we wanted to decorate our living room, we started by thinking what was important for us and what we would use the space for. We both knew that living room was for relaxing and sofa would play a big part in it!!

When we moved in our first flat we had almost nothing, we got handouts from our friends, new cutlery and plates, pots and pans, coffee table and someone also gave us their old sofa.  We didn’t have much money to buy anything really at the time but we wanted our own space so bad, we didn’t really care… I still remember, we would snuggle on the sofa watching a movie together each evening! Nearly 14 years on this is still my favourite way to spend the evenings! This time though, we have our own sofa and our own house!

When decorating your living room, think what is important for you as a person/couple/family. What will you be using the room for and work around that. Also, think about the space and what will work best for you.

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Our living room isn’t the largest room in the house, but we tried to create an illusion by painting the walls grey, selecting a ‘statement’ wall and making the fireplace and hearth slightly taller and not as bulky as it first was.

Putting the mirror above the fireplace also reflects the light from the window and makes the space look a little bit bigger than it is!

This might not be everyone’s favourite living room or indeed our dream living room.. BUT we worked with the space we had and put everything that worked for us! Trends come and go, but you have to live in the same place so make sure you create something beautiful and practical for you and your family!

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  1. Wow so beautiful living room decor. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I have himalayan salt lamps. You can also place them in living room to enhance its beautify more.

    Cheers! 🙂

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