How to Completely Transform an old Mirror

I have been going on about our living room makeover for a while now.  If you missed the reveal post, head over here to see the full transformation . I will shortly be sharing my post with all the sources with links.  Now today’s post will be about the large mirror we have above the fireplace.  As you can imagine, it is not shop bought.. surprise surprise.. It was given to me for free by my lovely friend Kirsty as she did not want to throw it out and of course knows that I LOVE upcycling and re-loving things so brought it to me instead (thank you Kirsty!!)

I had it in my garage for a while, it is huge and very heavy.  I knew I would use it one day so when we were struggling with a feature above the fireplace, the mirror idea seemed perfect.

My initial through was to create an antique mirror and add thin strips of wood to it. However, as I removed the brown leather and padding, I noticed the frame was in superb condition. It was so sturdy, so I ended up improvising and created a little frame around it instead.


I am not a joiner but I thought the corners looked pretty good!! Once the wood was cut and glued on, it was time to paint it..

It took me a few days to decide.. Again, my initial plan to stain the mirror didn’t quite pan out as I loved how black looked on our charcoal wall.

Tip: use different coloured photo frames, artwork or even books you have around the house to visualise how the piece will look in the space.  I used various photo frames and the woodstain didn’t look as nice as it did in my head so I opted for black instead!!

I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Pitch Black and finished it with Daddy Vans wax.

The mirror already had sturdy hooks at the back so all we needed to do is put it up and voila!


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  1. The black is perfect for the space & it looks great there above your fireplace. I didn’t understand about framing it. Did you add more wood to the edges?

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