Cricut Maker – Creating a Fun Plant Pot

Disclaimer: I have received the Cricut Maker and the accessories free of charge. However, all views, experiences and ideas are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way! This plant pot post contains affiliate links

I received the Cricut Maker back in January this year. As you can tell, I have now had it for a little while. I kept putting it off as I really wanted to commit to a project, combined with being extra busy at work and the lack of space as I was in the middle of craft room makeover plus the Covid-19 pandemic, it meant the fun projects kind of had to wait. There are so many excuses I can list but I am here now and I am so excited to share my first ever Cricut project with you.

fun face plant pots using cricut maker

As you know, I have been a huge fan for years and bookmarked and pinned so many projects but how to choose just one?? How to decide what to do and how to actually start it? I was a little intimidated at first I won’t lie as there are so many projects and options you can do, your mind kind of goes into overdrive as you want to do the ALL. There is so much information out there so it got a little overwhelming.. Now I have done my first project I feel silly for being scared to start!

Amazing source of great advice can be found on Jennifer Makers youtube channel. Having watched this video, I realised I needed to start small and learn the machine first, all the tricks and handy tips before I even think about more complicated projects.. You need to learn how to swim before you jump in the ocean, right??

So you have got your machine, what now??

Follow the instructions you received that came with your Cricut Maker – unbox, plug it in and get connected. I have MacBook Pro so make sure you read the instructions and use the compatible downloads to your computer/tablet. I then downloaded the Cricut Design Space and logged in (create the account if you don’t have one).

Once you go to you will have a step by step instruction with very helpful photos on what to do – follow those steps and you are now set! I did my test run and was so excited when I had my first (test piece) cut out!!! It’s now time to create my first SUPER easy project.

I received a bundle of various things from vinyls, transfers to fabric and tools. For my first attempt, I decided to make an easy and fun project. I could not decide whether to make a simple T-shirt or a fun plant pot. After all, I have a ton of plants at home so the obvious choice seemed to be the plant pot idea. I made a couple of little designs. First one is using text – it is superquick and most importantly easy!

I created the text “YOU GROW GIRL”.

cricut maker and laptop

Once I was happy with the size, I cut it using the Cricut.

laptop showing how to design and cut with cricut maker
cricut maker and macbook pro project

Once your design is cut, you will need to weed the letters.

weeding letters using a tool with cricut machine

This will leave you with the text you want transferring on to the plant pot. To make sure the transfer goes on smoothly, you must place your design on the transfer tape. Cut a similar size, remove the backing and place the transfer tape on top of your design, then go over using the flat tool or your finger.

transferring text "you go girl" on transfer tape

Now take off the backing and your text should “magically” lift off with the tape. You will be left with the letters on the ‘sticky tape’.

plant pot and you go girl text

Put the text with the transfer tape on a clean plant pot (don’t forget to clean it using rubbing alcohol) and again smooth out the tape using the tool or your finger (it is basically like putting a sticker on). Work your way around it to remove any bubbles, then rub over your design using your tool (or fingernail).

DIY plant pot

**For full disclosure the first project didn’t go 100% to plan as I got so excited I didn’t align it so it was a little wonky. I ended up cutting another one and this time I took my time!

The second project I did was using my own little painting I did earlier in the morning.

face design from evija with love

I simply wanted to do a little experiment so painted a little face, took a photo of it, removed the background and uploaded on Cricut, then cut it out and repeated the steps above to create this cute little planter!

transfer face design on cricut maker
transfer face design on plant pot
eyelashes plant pot DIY

I am so excited and definitely hooked!! What to create next… let me know if there is anything you would want me to make!!

DIY plant pot using cricut maker
shelves with glasses and plant pots
shelves with glasses and plant pots DIY Cricut
you grow girl planter
shelves with glasses and plant pots
shelves with DIY plant pots
shelves with glasses and plant pots eyes

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