Patio Area Makeover: The Reveal

The big day is here.. well it is a big day for us as this is the first time in 4 years when we have a proper seating area outside!! I am excited to finally reveal our patio area makeover!!!! If you missed my post where I discussed our garden plans, you can catch up with it here. There is also going to be a couple of separate posts on “how we built the gorgeous privacy screen” and “how we installed the garden slabs“.  

In today’s post I will show you how we created this beautiful space during the Covid-19 pandemic and on a minimal budget!!


To appreciate the full extent of the makeover, let’s just take a few moments to look at the “Before” photos of the garden. This area was literally dead space, the tree and the branches in the corner took up so much space and once cut back it was the perfect space for our patio area!

Privacy Screen

We built the privacy screen from scratch, and when I say we built it, I mean the frame, posts and even long thin timbers! We basically cut fence posts to the size we wanted, planed and painted to achieve the slinky effect on a budget! No wonder it took us a little longer to build it (I will explain in more detail in my next post so keep your eyes peeled on the blog).

It was so worth it though as it turned out just perfect and also we ended spending just over 200£ for all the materials and paint!


We got these gorgeous slabs from a local company for a bargain price. They are Tobermore Historic Flags in “slate”. We ended up getting more than we needed and in the end had enough to replace the paths around the house too!


It took me absolute ages to find the right furniture for the garden. The corner sofas I loved were way out of our budget and the ones we could afford looked terrible. We were also stuck for delivery to the Isle of Man from various companies and ended up buying this beautiful Nymark metal sofa set from B&Q – it was perfect for our budget at £492 and also modern and stylish – just what we were after.

Dining Table & Chairs

I also wanted to have a separate area for dining, so the hunt for the perfect table began… I was having no luck finding anything again within the budget and what would look nice.. so I ended up designing a table and got my step-father-in-law built the frame for it! I painted the metal using Hammerite metal paint in black (satin finish).

We used scaffolding planks to create the table top and seat for the bench, which I sanded and varnished using Polyvine exterior varnish, which had a beautiful satin finish and it did not make the wood go yellow.

The black metal chairs are from Ebay.


We got really lucky as Shaun picked up an old workbench for free on Facebook Marketplace, which we used as a base for the bar. We had this stone hearth which we kept from our fireplace renovations and this was perfect for the bar top. All it needed was a bit of elbow grease to clean up and seal. I added some lights and voila! I think this bar needs a name though, so I will be making a sign to put up – suggestions for the name are welcome!


We got the concrete effect fibreclay plant pots from B&Q and our local garden centre. They are pretty heavy and come in various sizes. Light grey plant pot is 30cm and the large planters by the side of the house are 40cm and in black.

Place mats on the table are from H&M and Lavender plant pot from B&Q.

I got some lovely plants and planted a fig tree which I am hoping will grow in the next few years a lot taller!

I got these gold lanterns from Marks & Spencer a few years ago in the sale and was contemplating whether or not spray them black. I left them gold for now!

I was looking for nice outdoor cushions and originally bought these for our living room, but I loved them so much on the new sofa that I keep them outside and bring them in on the nighttime. All the cushions are from George by Asda.

I really wanted a nice little Basket for the logs and came across this gorgeous basked from Dunelm.

The fire pit is from Blumfeldt and is pretty nice and big. We wanted something that Coco couldn’t burn herself on so the mesh around the fire bowl creates a barrier and is a perfect solution in case she does jump up.


I got some festoon lights from eBay and connected them together, as they are glass I tied them to the privacy screen with black cable ties. The black fence lights are from amazon and Shaun insisted on having them!

I cannot tell you how much I love this space. This is the first time we have a proper space for relaxing and enjoying ourselves in the garden. Sadly as soon as we built this, the weather has been pretty poor.. Let’s hope the weather changes soon and we can finally enjoy this amazing space!! What do you think??

4 thoughts on “Patio Area Makeover: The Reveal

  1. This is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see the other posts, I love seeing your stories on instagram I know how hard you both worked to create this amazing space! Bravo!

  2. This looks fantastic, we’re hoping to make some big improvements in our garden when the weather improves so this has given me some great ideas!

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