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As a DIY, craft and interiors enthusiast, there will be no surprise I have accumulated a ton of tools in the past 6 years. If you are just starting out in your DIY journey or you are not sure what tools you may need or how to use them, this post is for you. I have teamed up with some of the most amazing creative minds and asked them – “What is your favourite tool to use?”

I have not always been crafty or known how to use any of the tools, but during the years I have grown more confident and currently have a collection of various tools. These have come in handy during our house or garden projects, but don’t be alarmed you don’t need all the tools in the world, sometimes there are tools you use over and over again and here are some of the answers my fellow DIYers shared with me.

As for me I can’t decide between my drill, which is getting used all the time, orbital sander which makes any sanding job so much easier, glue gun or my jigsaw!

Wayne Perrey – The TV Carpenter

If you think Wayne’s face looks familiar, you won’t be wrong. Wayne is the famous TV carpenter, presenter and currently the DIY expert on ITV’s “Love Your Weekend”. If you are a fan of interiors, then of course you would have been watching BBC’s “Interior Design Masters”, where Wayne is part of a team helping the aspiring designers bring their vision to life. Wayne has also featured on “Great Interior Design Challenge”, “Garden Rescue” and ITV’s “Love Your Garden”.

Website – The TV Carpenter

Instagram – @thetvcarpenter

The tool I can’t live without is my Ryobi Air strike nail gun, It fires tiny pins that only require a small amount of filler to cover, I use it every day for all my carpentry, unlike original nail guns that use gas or a compressor this only uses Battery and Air to work which blows my mind. WAYNE PERREY

Image Credit – Wayne Perrey

Melanie Lissack – Melanie Lissack Interiors

Melanie is an award winning DIY and Interiors Blogger, Stylist and Design Consultant. Melanie’s blog is filled with creative content, from amazing room transformations, DIY projects to inspirational posts and interior trends. You can read more on Melanie Lissack Interiors Blog and don’t forget to follow Melanie on Instagram, her grid is absolutely gorgeous!

Website – Melanie Lissack Interiors

Instagram – @melanielissackinteriors

So, my favourite tool is a large builders/spirit level. I use this all the time for projects around the home – from wall panelling to putting up wallpaper to putting up shelves. It’s such a handy tool to whip out and get perfectly straight measurements. It allows you to draw a perfectly straight line and it hasn’t let me down yet! Some people prefer laser levels, but for me, this is just so quick and easy to use with no set-up required. It’s cheap to buy too! So a great investment. MELANIE LISSACK

Image Credit – Melanie Lissack Interiors

Medina Grillo – Grillo Designs

Medina requires no introduction, as she is definitely one of the top interior and DIY bloggers in the UK (and in the world to be honest)! Medina is absolutely amazing at everything DIY, her blog and instagram account is full of creative ideas and projects that are easy to follow. She is also the creator of @howirent_ series that gives a voice to renters and showcases some amazing homes and people! Not to mention, Medina has also written a book “Home Sweet Rented Home” and is full time content creator.

Website – Grillo Designs

Instagram – @grillodesigns

My Favourite tool is probably the drill and drill driver (I have both the Erbauer and Ryobi brand). Its usually the first thing I reach for whenever I am doing any kind of DIY in my home. I love how versatile it is. For example I can use it to put furniture together or drill holes in the wall etc. You can really carry out most tasks with it as long as you have the correct drill bits or screws. And I think as far as power tools go, its probably the least intimidating for a beginner. MEDINA GRILLO

Image Credit – Medina Grillo

Hester van Overbeek – Hester’s Handmade Home

Hester is amazingly creative and I have followed her blog for many years now! Hester’s blog is filled with fantastic posts and easy to follow tutorials, she also creates very informative videos and has a Youtube channel (how does she do it all??).

Hester’s instagram is filled with fun projects and quite often features lovely crafts for children and her beautiful daughter Kiki. Not to mention Hester has written several DIY books and knows a thing or two about DIY and tools..

Website – Hester’s Handmade Home

Instagram – @hestershandmadehome

I love my power tools, jigsaw, my mitre-saw, drill, staple gun, sander and circle saw all get used a lot but if I have to choose my one favourite tool it must be my trusty handsaw. I got into using hand tools again when I could only build during nap times of my (then baby) daughter Kiki. To keep the noise down I started sawing everything by hand and am loving how peaceful the building process became. I also have a feeling I have a lot more control when sawing sheets of plywood by hand and must say it rather is a good workout! Even now Kiki doesn’t nap anymore I still pick up my handsaw a lot more then my jig and circle saw.

Come to think of it my dad, who taught me how to build, hardly uses power tools. Maybe my love for the handsaw is genetic 🙂 HESTER VAN OVERBEEK

Image Credit – Hester van Overbeek

What is your favourite tool to use and why??

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