How to Find Affordable Artwork for your Home

I am sure no one is even remotely surprised, when I say I love ART! Our old home was filled with different artwork and prints. For me art is very important as I think it is a powerful tool to showcase your personal style in your home. Art also makes me extremely happy, so I decided to write a little piece showcasing some pieces and artists that I love together with places, where you can find some amazing and most importantly affordable art!

Artwork in the photoBunny by Sian Jordan, “No 23 Print” – created on by me, “Make it Happen” print – print from magazine, LipsNickie Kelly Art, Frida print by Marta Hutt at Lush Eclectic, Round resin art done by me, Large Canvas print is from The House of Artusa called Ray of Spring by Young and Battaglia (*I won it on Instagram giveaway* )

How to Find the Perfect Piece

To be honest there is no such thing as the perfect piece. I always buy artwork that “speaks” to me, something that catches my eye and I instantly love. Everyone’s taste is different and it is ok to love something that others may not.. Our taste is individual so the artwork we put in our homes should reflect that,

If we all loved the same things, life would be so boring and all our homes would be exactly the same. When looking at art, look for pieces that you instantly love, artwork that showcases your personality and means something to you.

spare bedroom makeover and chair

Moonchild by Sian Jordan, Pink Abstract pieces done by me.

Where to Buy Art?

Start by searching artists in your local area, are there any galleries where you live? If you are on a budget start by looking (when we are not in lockdown) through the local charity and vintage shops. This is perfect if you are into vintage art and paintings. I recently purchased a beautiful oil painting for £5.00 and found a set of original nude black and white paintings for a fraction of price AND at the same time money goes to a good cause.

Buying Art and Prints Online

There are so many amazing pieces and artists that can be found on places like eBay and Etsy. Ebay is fantastic especially for vintage pieces and bargains, Etsy is the perfect place to find beautiful prints that can be bought directly from the artists themselves.

image credit – Almon Adeluwoye

Artwork – Blue Phoenix Woman by Almon Adeluwoye (photo taken from Almon’s Etsy Shop). You can also find Almon’s original work on her home page .

Image Credit – Margo in Margate

Margo in Margate does not need any introduction. The artwork is affordable, unique and absolutely beautiful. The Girl In A Striped Shirt print is one of my favourites!

There are great great online retailers such as Junique and Desenio. I have purchased some prints by Victoria Verbaan and absolutely love her work. Printclub London is an great place where you can find various limited edition prints.

Art on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to find emerging artists and beautiful original artwork. I have discovered so many amazing artists there. It gives us an opportunity to really connect with an artist, see the behind the scenes on how art is created as well as. One of my favourite artist’s I have come across on Instagram is Tyra Johnson – you can find her website here.

Sakina Saïdi is an amazing artist with a powerful message in every piece she makes. A percentage of sales from this shop are supporting Plan International UK, which works to advance child rights and equality for girls across the world.

I am a massive fan of Sian’s work and originally discovered her on Instagram when I purchased my first print. My collection is growing and one day I will own my own Sian Jordan’s original.

Original Art

If you have a bit more money to spend/ invest, you can find some amazing original art without leaving your house! You can purchase it directly from artists themselves. Samira Addo is one of my absolute favourite artists. If you watch the Portrait Artist of the Year you will know she was the winner in 2018 and painted this amazing portrait of Kim Cattrall.

Image Credit Samira Addo

Degree Art is a place, where you will find emerging artists, original artwork, limited edition prints and photography. You can even commission a portrait by one of the amazing artists!!! Love this piece by Lana Matsuyama

New Blood Art, a place where you will find carefully curated artwork by emerging artists. This piece by Georgia Tunes caught my eye – Looking in (close up)

image credit – Georgia Tunesi

Fake it until you Make it!

My last advice when searching for art in your home – make your own. It may sound scary but trust me, you don’t always need to have a degree in Art to create something. I have done a few abstracts for our old house and absolutely loved it!

Check out these amazing DIY art works – Luke Arthur Wells

Chelsea from House that Black Built

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