We Sold Our House.. Now What?

What a crazy year 2020 has been.. from COVID-19 to lockdowns and amongst everything else we decided to sell the house and guess what – we sold it within two weeks of it being put on the market!!

We may have been a little naive and didn’t really expect the house to sell straight away so we didn’t really have time to find another house.. Not very clever! We are lucky enough to have family who live on the island and have a big enough house for all of us to fit in.. So we have now (temporarily) moved in with the family and put most of our things in a storage unit (or two!).

I have had so many messages and questions, when I first mentioned we will be selling our house.. Why? You just finished the garden? The house is amazing .. and so on and so on… I do appreciate every comment, question and message but trust me this wasn’t an easy decision for us and we did debate whether or not we should sell. We both loved this house and there was no real reason why we wanted to sell other than we were ready for a new challenge…

We bought this house in July 2016 and worked really hard to renovate it to the beautiful home it has now become. We always knew that this was not going to be our “forever home” and we would eventually sell it to try and make a bit of profit to get onto the property ladder and try purchase our dream home. Having lived in this house for over 4 years we kind of also realised things we wanted to have in our “dream home”.

Once we finished the patio area and I completed the spare room during my self isolation period in August/September it felt like the house was complete. We have done everything we possibly could do to it.

pink spare bedroom and diy custom build wardrobe

The property market was very strong last year on the Isle of Man during the pandemic and we decided to see if we had added value to the house, so got a couple of estate agents in for a valuation.

Well, within two weeks of our first valuation we made a decision – let’s do this!!! We chose the estate agent and things went pretty quick from there. The house was marketed online and there were over 700 views on the digital tour in the first weekend. We had around 5 viewings and a couple of offers. In the end we sold it just under the asking price simply because we were happy with the offer (well more than happy!!) and the buyers were cash buyers (literally no mortgage) which means it would be straight forward and pretty quick. Having accepted the offer we were left a little overwhelmed.. Have we done the right thing? Have we made a mistake? Will we find another house? What if we go into another lockdown??

When we accepted the offer, there was a mix of emotions – we were so excited but equally sad as we had poured our heart and soul into this house and now someone else would be enjoying it. This was our first home together, but we knew we made the right decision and a new adventure awaits..

The sale process was pretty straightforward and it took around 6 weeks to complete. We completed on 18 December, which meant the new owners would be in their new home before Christmas!

Now just over a month on.. we are still looking for our dream home .. Unfortunately as it was the festive season and we have been in circuit lockdown for a couple of weeks now on the Isle of Man, meant that no house viewings were possible and there were no new properties available.. We have seen one house which ticks all the boxes and are hoping to view it once the lockdown is over…. so watch this space!!

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