Way to reuse baby jars

I love upcycling and recycling..collecting jars is one of the things I do.. I just can’t seem to throw any jars out as I think there’s so many things you can do with them! I really think the baby food jars are so cute and as some of my friends have babies, I asked them to bring me some empty baby food jars once they have used them for my projects.. There are so many ways to reuse these cute little jars and I couldn’t wait to start.


I love being in the garden and as we have now moved house and have a lovely garden with a vegetable patch I got really excited and got so many seeds from my mum and sister.  I needed a way to organise them nicely, so I thought using my baby jars could be the way forward!


This was so easy to do but it looked very effective and more inmportantly kept all my seeds in a nice order.

First thing to do is clean your jars and take the labels off.


For this project I wanted to use only things that I already had in the house, so I painted the lids of the baby jars in black paint that I already had.



Let the lids dry and put another coat if necessary.


When the lids were dray I used a fine paint brush and wrote on the lids the type of seed was going in.



Then all you do is empty your sachets, bags or pots of seeds into these lovely jars and its sorted.










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    1. Thanks Angela, I noticed about lavender but it was too late (in Latvian it is Lavanda so that’s why I think I went with lavandar) and chilli is spelt in various ways so both chili and chilli are correct. 🙂

  1. Evija, this is awesome! I love the way you not only upcycled these jars but you also used them to help you organize as well. Very clever. Thanks so much for linking this up to our Something to Talk About Link Party. We hope to see you again next week, Coco

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