Sleepbear Luxurious Natural Talalay Latex Pillows

Disclaimer: This latex pillow review post is an #ad Sleepbear. However, all views, experiences and ideas are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way!

Remember my post a few years back when I reviewed the ever so comfy Sleepbear mattress? I was kindly sent this pair or Sleepbear latex pillows for me (and Shaun) to try out and tell you what we think of them!

The Sleepbear Talalay Pillow bedroom with pug

I purposely didn’t write a post for a couple of months as I really wanted to experience how it was switching from the usual hollowfibre pillows to these natural talalay latex pillows.

Shaun has asthma so it is important the pillows and bedding in our home are anti-allergenic and kept clean. Feather duvets and pillows are out of the question! Did you know that 10% of the weight of your ordinary two-year-old pillow is dead skin, dust mites and their droppings?? This can not only affect your skin but also your health and breathing.

I was extremely happy to give the Sleepbear pillows a go. Not only they are anti-allergenic, they are also sustainable and Polartex®  protected. Not to mention turns out they are extremely comfortable too.

The Sleepbear Talalay Pillow

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get a good night sleep. It is hard to switch off at night and fall asleep (thinking too much, planning things, worrying…). I am also a bad sleeper and tend to wake up in the middle of the night. I am not saying this is a miracle pillow, because let’s be honest your sleep patterns consist of so many things. However, I must say I do find it easier to drift off at night and have a full night sleep without interruptions.

dark bedroom interior and pillows

When I opened the box there was no plastic in sight – the packaging was environmentally friendly reusable drawstring bag. The pillows looked a ‘normal’ size and I thought, one pillow is never going to be enough. Is it going to be comfortable as I I usually sleep on 2 pillows and Shaun uses 3!!! I wanted to give the Sleepbear pillow a chance. I decided to get rid of the old pillows and only use the Sleepbear pillow from now on. The Sleepbear pillow is totally different and it took me a few days to adjust to it. At first it did feel a little strange, the pillow is super comfy but it has a different texture to your “normal” pillow.

Sleepbear Luxurious Natural Talalay Latex Pillow and pug

We have been sleeping on these for over two months and I must say we both love it! I am finding it easier to drift off to sleep and honestly one pillow is enough for me. It is hard to explain in words. The pillow is quite firm, but once you put your head on it, it feels like you are on a cloud!

I am looking forward to seeing the long term effects that these pillows will have on our wellbeing. Especially for Shaun!

As you can see Coco loves them too!! #pugbear

Bedroom with sleepbear latex pillows and pug
sleepbear latex pillow
The Sleepbear Talalay Pillow and pug on the bed
Sleepbear Luxurious Natural Talalay Latex Pillow
The Sleepbear Talalay Pillow Spring

3 thoughts on “Sleepbear Luxurious Natural Talalay Latex Pillows

  1. Coco looks so cute clearly very comfy pillows! I am off to have a look, they sound great as I am an sthma suferrer same as your husband

  2. Perfect bedroom for perfect sleep. This pillow looks great. I’m going to try it. Plus your directions were easy to follow.

  3. Your colour palette is so pretty! And with the colour blocking, you’ve made it a practical, lovely and fun space for a family home – what all hallways should be but rarely are! The white floors look beautiful, looking forward to reading your post about it!

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