Easy & Cheap DIY – Coffee Table Top Made from Pallets

Our old coffee table didn’t really work for the living room anymore. The beauty of upcycling and re-using old furniture is that you can change it again and again if you change your mind or decor! I decided to create a new table top from pallets I had at home. Don’t worry, I didn’t completely get rid of the ‘marble effect’ table, I simply removed the top and will be using it for another room.

Coffee Table Top Made from Palletwood, colourful photos

Once I removed the existing table top from our coffee table, I was left with a blank canvas. I cleaned and sanded the legs and the sides of the coffee table.

Before picture of white coffee table

I knew I wanted to make a herringbone pattern so I measured the table and marked in in half.

Coffee Table Top Made from Palletwood

I played around with pieces before putting them firmly in place and used my square to make sure it was straight all the way.

Coffee Table Top Made from Palletwood how to

Once happy with the layout, I arranged the pieces and using my brad nail gun, fixed them firmly in place.

paletwood table top DIY

Once all the surface was covered, I measured the sides and cut off any excess wood that was hanging over.

white wood grain DIY

I sanded the sides and the surface to make sure they were nice and smooth.

sanded and smooth palletwood in herringbone pattern

I used Farrow & Ball in Railings for the table legs and several layers of dark varnish for the table top. I didn’t use any filler as I wanted to have natural gaps and the surface not to bee 100% even to give it a rustic and not so polished look. You can finish the table in whichever way you want. The natural wood looks beautiful too, but I wanted to match it with the dark oak mantelpiece and the room as a whole.

Coffee Table Top Made from Palletwood in living room
Coffee Table Top Made from Palletwood with gallery wall
gallery wall and coffee table
Coffee Table Top Made from Palletwood

4 thoughts on “Easy & Cheap DIY – Coffee Table Top Made from Pallets

  1. Looks fantastic, I did like your marble effect table but its nice to see you re-using the base and the old table rather than throwing it out. thank you it looks great

  2. This is beautiful! May I ask how you cut the extra wood pieces off at the end? Seriously considering if I can do this…

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