Turn an Ordinary Coffee Table into an Amazing Statement Piece

Today’s post almost didn’t happen.. Why? As with most of my more ambitious, “jumping in the deep end” and “no idea what I am doing” projects, I am never entirely sure whether my vision will come to life or my project will turn into a disaster.. Thankfully, this time it sort of worked!!

After weeks and weeks living in our ‘temporary‘ living room without a coffee table, we decided to get a cheap table that we would use ‘for now’.  We got this plain (but very sturdy and heavy) coffee table and it was perfect size for what we needed.

Our plans regarding our living room decor soon changed and as we picked our colours, started modernising the fireplace, I knew I wanted the table to match the fireplace (we are using Carrara Marble tile).

First thing I did was clean and slightly sand the table.  I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint (OFMP) in snow white mixed with Extra Bond for the first coat, and just OFMP for the next 3 coats.  Once the base of the table was done, the white looked a little too plain, so I decided to try out the ‘marble‘ effect using paint… I gathered sponges, small paintbrushes, a feather, lots of grey paint sample pots and some acrylic paints.

I dabbed my sponge in grey colour and worked around the table.. Don’t ask me what I did exactly as I tend to improvise quite a lot and in the moment forget to take photos.  I used small paintbrush and a feather to create the thin marbling effect.

Well I got carried away a little and created something that it not as much marble as unique (and dare I say it… better?!) !!

It looked like artwork and I loved it… I kept walking past it (as I sometimes do when I think something is missing) and added a few touches of dark acrylic paint and silver leaf around the edges! That’s it!! It was ready…

I sealed the table but it still didn’t feel quite finished. I then decided to try my hand at using resin, to bring out the colours and have a nice glass like surface. Follow the instructions on the product sheet, as some of the epoxy resins differ.


Here is what I did:-

  • I measured the table in m² and calculated how much resin I will need (normally it is 1kg to 1m²) . You will be calculating how much resin you need in g/kg not ml/l.
  • I mixed the resin as per the instructions – 2x Part A and 1x Part B.  I had 3 plastic cups, I measured Part A on the scale in one, then Part B in the second cup and then combined the two together in the third cup and mixed it for 2 minutes.
  • Make sure your surface is level or the resin will pour to one side.
  • Then I started by pouring from the centre and gently moved it using a spreader until the whole surface was covered. The instruction says use it within 15-20 minutes. The resin is thick, so it is quite scary .. will I have enough, will it work, will it set before I am finished???
  • I then used my blowtorch to get rid of any air bubbles.
  • Thing to note resin won’t stick to oily surfaces so if you don’t want it to stick somewhere cover the surface with wax or vaseline.
  • It will drip, unless you cover the area.
  • Let it dry for as long as it says on your instruction. I covered over the table a plastic bag and left it there for 24 hours.

It isn’t perfect and it did drip on one side a little, but all in all I am VERY pleased with the result… What do you think???





12 thoughts on “Turn an Ordinary Coffee Table into an Amazing Statement Piece

  1. I think it turned out great. Maybe I will go one day a go to this method, even it sounds complicated. I didn’t get how you avoid dribbling down on sides.

  2. I think this table turned out really great! I would say ‘perfect’ but you would probalby have to actually ‘lay hands’ on it to give it that ‘top of the mountain’ praise.

  3. I’ve done marbling the same way and was never quite pleased with the finished product since it looked painted. You’ve proven that the epoxy surface is the key. Thanks!

  4. You are so amazing, had I not read through your directions I would not have known how much time you put into this. I love all the texturing tools you used!! It looks fabulous!!

    I think I have used resin one time.

    You guys are so good at remolding you could have one of those renovation shows!!!

  5. This is gorgeous! I think the added shine with the epoxy was just what this project needed to finish it off, but the painting is really lovely!

  6. Loving the table Evitja, I’ve been waiting to see you create a piece with your dabbling into acrylics! Nice technique! The resin topped beauty really takes center stage great job. The whole room looks so well put together.

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