Kitchen Renovation Diaries: Part 3 – Flooring and Cabinets

This post contains affiliate links. It has been a while since the last instalment of the Kitchen Renovation Diaries. We are now in July and things have moved on from the last time I shared the progress with you. If you are following my journey on Instagram then you will no doubt have seen some behind the scenes of the kitchen renovation. If you don’t follow me already – you can see my IG here.

kitchen renovation part 3 - building cabinets and update

Freshly plastered walls were ready to be painted. I chose Dulux Trade Diamond Brilliant white matt emulsion as I read really good reviews about it. It is also durable and wipable – perfect for the kitchen! It is really thick so be careful if painting on a very warm day as it is drying quickly! Also remember to water your paint down for freshly plastered walls/ceiling, which is known as mist coat. I painted the walls and ceiling using the same paint. It is more expensive but totally worth it.

We worked most evenings to finish off the walls. It was quite a big space now both walls were removed. As we were trying to save costs where we could, we put the plywood on the floor down ourselves. We wanted keep the sink for as long as we could so put the ply down everywhere apart from the sink area until night before our tiler was due.

Our floors are not 100% level and even with the ply our tiler was concerned that there could still be some movement, so we agreed to put an anti crack membrane as a precaution.

kitchen renovation underfloor heating and anti crack matt

It added an extra cost, but it was important for us to have the floors done correctly after our bathroom floor fiasco! The underfloor heating and tiles were installed, the whole thing probably took just under two weeks. We chose the grout in antracite to match the grey undertones in the kitchen and to match the door.

Kitchen renovation levelling the floors and underfloor heating

It was end of May and we finally had a floor! Having lived in dust and walking on wonky floorboards, this was heaven to us!!

wood effect floor tiles kitchen rnovation

As soon as we were allowed, we moved the appliances in! The cooker and fridge were in first, which meant we could finally use the oven and cook proper meals. Installing the extractor fan was a bit of challenge due to the drill bit being the wrong size.. but we managed in the end (and by we I mean Shaun!)

In the middle of the kitchen renovation I decided to make a statement wall in the dining room! Did you see how gorgeous my panel wall turned out??

Kitchen renovation and panel wall in the dining room

It was time to start building the cabinets, but as our friend who was helping with building the kitchen was on holiday, we had to wait! I still wanted to get things moving so I started to work out the cabinets and how I wanted them to go in the kitchen.

I wanted to visualise which cabinets worked and which didn’t. As you know we bought a second hand kitchen from Facebook Marketplace for a bargain price so it was never going to be a straight forward kitchen renovation!

I also measured the granite worktop and worked out what cuts needed to be done. Again if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen we had a little meltdown with the granite. I won’t bore you with the long story but all I can say is measure, measure and MEASURE everything again! Pay attention to each piece as they may not be exactly the same!! Thankfully we had wonderful stonemasons who were absolutely amazing and cut them again for us. Top tip – shop around and maybe try your monumental masons..that is what we did and saved ourselves a lot of money as the quote from the kitchen place was going to cust us double!

It was now end of June and our friend was back from the holiday, which meant he could start building the cabinets and levelling them.

Having a random kitchen to work with is a challenge and we have to make some custom cabinets and build storage to pull it al together, but it is coming along nicely.

I added some tongue and groove on the uneven wall which will tie in nicely with the cladding around the island.

We are at a stage, where all the cabinets and appliances are in. The worktop on the island needs cutting and oiling and a few small tweaks need to be done before I can prime and paint the cabinets. The electrician has been and finished all the switches and lights!

I have filled the holes where the old hardware was and drilled brand new ones. It was a task and a half as we have quite a few drawers and doors!

I am also working on some accent colours and accessories and will be painting our bargain bar stools (that cost me £10!).

Well done if you have kept reading and reached this point!! I promise (fingers crossed) that the next Part of the Kitchen Renovation Diaries will be THE BIG REVEAL.. Hopefully I can share it with you at the end of August/beginning of September as we are taking a little break and visiting family and recharging our batteries..

World’s longest Kitchen Renovation is slowly coming to a close…

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