Update old glass containers using some gravel and silver spray paint!

Have you ever thought of gravel and home decor used in one sentence? well me neither.. But believe it or not gravel can not only be used as beautiful decoration for your garden, it can also be used inside the house! A little bit of imagination goes a long way and this is how I went by to update old glass containers using some gravel and silver spray paint.

I had some gravel left from a previous project, which I spray painted silver, I decided to use these stones.. as it turns out later you can just use normal stones and spray paint them after… but this is how I did it…

014 (2)

I used some tile adhesive and grout to fix the stones in place. As I was doing it on a warm sunny day, I let the grout dry on one side before I went on to the other part as I noticed the stones were sliding a little when I turned the glass and started working on the other side.  I decided to be patient (so not like me!!) and do one side at a time!  Thankfully the weather was warm so the grout dried very quickly.

017 (2)

Once the grout was dry I spray painted the container in silver so the grout would not be very visible, but it is entirely up to you whether or not to do this.  I loved this look and made a slightly bigger version of the same square pot that I decided to use as a little decorative plant pot.


Such a simple little project, but don’t you think it looks quite effective?  You can use any other colour and the options are limitless to suit your home decor!







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5 thoughts on “Update old glass containers using some gravel and silver spray paint!

  1. This came out looking fantastic! I painted rocks with my children the other day, it never occurred to me to use a material that we have an abundance of…gravel! Thank you for sharing this idea and it is a pleasure co-hosting the #OMHGWW with you this week!

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