How to do a Raised Stencil on Furniture

Hi everyone… I love using stencils as I think it is such a fun way to update your furniture. You may remember the little table makeover I did last year.   Soooo… when I read about raised stencils I actually was so intrigued I could not wait to try it out myself. I love the idea of adding depth and texture to the furniture  with dimensional stenciling.


I decided to test this out on a piece I was submitting for a Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest in January.  {maybe not such a bright idea to do something for the first time on a piece which is going for a contest but how else will I learn?}

I loved the piece of furniture but I thought it was missing something, so I decided to add a little texture and depth to the doors.

I decided to use this damask  stencil on the doors.

image from

After careful research, where I found people used plaster and vinyl spackle for this, I decided to use the equivalent of spackle {correct me if I am wrong} in the UK – polyfilla, paste used for filling up cracks and holes.  Well actually I ended up using wood filler that I already had at home, well it is almost the same…

So I started by taping the stencil on the door with some frog tape and using an old card ( I found an old credit card worked better than most tools I tried) applied the wood filler over the stencil.


When the stencil design was fully covered with the filler, I lifted the stencil straight up whilst it was still wet and repeated the step on the other door.  .


If you can see any imperfections, you can tidy it up whilst it is still wet.


Once you are happy, let the filler dry.


I left it for 24 hours to dry completely.  When the filler has dried, sand slightly over and then paint!


I painted it using some home made chalk paint and used clear wax, to bring out the details I used some dark wax.


I am absolutely thrilled with the results..


Voila!!! What do you think?





You can see the post on how I created the cabinet makeover and full post on the Fab Furniture Flippin’ piece here.

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16 thoughts on “How to do a Raised Stencil on Furniture

  1. Hi Evija, I thought your cabinet re-do turned out great, you are so crafty. Your tutorial is wonderful and will help others see that it is not difficult to use stencils. I have used stencils on tags with the filler, it was fun to make. I need to do that again.

    Thanks for Co-Hosting with us on Oh My Heartsie Girls WW, you get to show off all your fun projects!!

    Have a great week!

  2. Beautiful – Q: Can I use a regular plastic stencil or do I need to buy one specific for this?
    Q: Would the results be the same if I used a thin wood appliqué?
    Thanks for sharing your project – So helpful!

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