Choosing the Right Boiler for Your House

As you know we bought our first house in July last year.  Before we owned a house, we lived in several places that we rented and for the last two years we lived with my in-laws as we were saving for a deposit for a house.

We have always lived somewhere with gas heating system and always counted how many hours we should have the heating on, as it is pretty expensive living in the Isle of Man.  It wouldn’t even cross my mind to check the type of boiler when we rented.  When we moved in with the in-laws, we saw a big difference as their heating system was oil (still no clue what kind of boiler it was, who cares as long as it was working!)

I did a lot of research on what to look for when buying a property and one of the things to keep an eye out was a boiler! Mainly whether it was in good condition, whether it has been serviced and how old it actually was.  Things I would NEVER even consider when we were looking for a rental before.  Thankfully, the house we bought had a fairly new boiler installed and we have not had any issues, moreover, it was oil heating system, which we knew would save us on the heating bills.

If you are an existing home owner and are looking for a new boiler there are many options to consider.  Choosing the right boiler installation is very important for any household. There are several options available and remember to choose the right one for you.

Our house has a gravity fed boiler or as some manufacturers’ call it the open vent boiler. As with other boilers it has many pros and cons. This type of boiler draws water from a header tank situated in the roof space, or as in our case, in the spare bedroom.   For smaller spaces it may not be convenient, but it works for us as the cupboard is always nice and warm and means we can use it to dry clothes too!!

The most amazing thing is that we can use all taps at once without any issues.  I remember, when we used to live in the old house and had to either have a shower or switch the washing machine on, even flushing the toilet would mean – there would be a scream coming from the person having a shower!

Remember what works for one household, may not work for others, so when choosing a boiler (or when looking at houses) do look at what works best for you, your family and don’t forget that choosing the right boiler may save you money on your fuel bills, so choose wisely!

Disclaimer:  This post is made in collaboration with Ambient Heating.  You can view our full policy here.  All opinions and ideas expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I liked when you talked about the importance of choosing a boiler that meets the needs of your family. It makes sense that choosing the right size unit can provide enough hot water to serve all your family while bathing. Personally, I would want to have a good contractor to help me choose the best and make sure it is installed properly to avoid accidents with the hot water.

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