On the 11th Day of Christmas – SEASHELL CANDLES

Hi everyone.. this is day ELEVEN of the 12 day challenge.. We are almost done with the Challenge and I am really excited to share with you this little craft!

DSC_0153 text

We live near the sea and whenever I go for a walk on the beach I end up bringing seashells back… I always try to come up with an idea where to use them.. Here is what I did for the Christmas challenge…


I spray painted the seashells in gold colour (my favourite!)DSC00151

I took some old tealights and removed the wicks and the aluminium shell. I put the wicks in the bottom of the shell, there is a little glue dot on the bottom which stuck nicely.


 I then melted the wax and poured it in the shell and let it cool down.



Once the candle had cooled down it was ready to be used.  What do you all think?  On the 11th Day of Christmas Evija made….. SEASHELL CANDLES!!!







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