How I Created MY Dream Craft Room on a Budget – The BIG REVEAL

Today is the exciting day, when I can finally reveal my beautiful craft room!  I did a post, where I shared my plans and budget for the craft room and today I can show you exactly what I did, how I did it and how much money I actually spent.

It does not always have to be super expensive to create a beautiful room! I did not have a massive budget for this room, so I had to get creative. We had budget set aside for flooring and I must say the most of the money actually was spent on it, everything else I either re-used or upcycled!

I wanted this room to be inviting, inspiring and a place for me to get creative and feel happy in.  Once  the last touches were added, I could not stop smiling, I absolutely LOVE my craft room! The most important thing, it did not cost me a fortune either…

Remember what it looked like before?

We removed the old carpets and the wallpaper.  To help save the cost we laid the floors ourselves with the help of my father-in-law.  We chose this beautiful Milano Oak Laminate.  I received these beautiful skirting boards free of charge* from the Skirting Board Shop  for review a few months ago.

I painted the walls using the same paint as in the hallway called Victorian Lace.  I created a beautiful accent wall by using the stencil, which was sent to me by Stencil Warehouse. You can read how I stenciled the wall here.

All furniture I used in this room was repainted and re-used.  The only item I actually purchased (10 years ago) was this side board that I painted in bold turquoise colour.  I got the cork board from an amenity site (free!) and repainted it to match the colour scheme.

I painted the table and the chair using  Frenchic Spitfire . I sanded the table top and sealed with General Finishes Top Coat.   I made the cushion using the leftover fabric I already had (full tutorial on how I made this will follow shortly).

The wardrobe was left to us by the previous owner of the house and I simply re-painted it using satin paint I had left over from painting the doors in the house.  We added some conti board to create shelves and storage. The hardware was free, as I received it as a prize for coming third in the contest with my Compass Table from D Lawless Hardware.

I re-used my gorgeous arm chair I created for one of the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest and added some cushions.

I bought some DKNY curtains (on sale at a BARGAIN price!!) at TK Maxx and made the tie backs from fabric I already had (tutorial to follow).  I decided to purchase a small blind for the small window.

Last but not least my gorgeous gallery wall.  The only things I purchased for it were the 3 glass bottles and the wooden letter E. ( I will do separate posts on the wall art and how I created it shortly)

I wanted the wall art to be inspiring and meaningful for me, not just different pieces thrown together.  I had these antlers for a few years and I was waiting for the right project.  My dad passed away nearly three years ago and he used to be a keen hunter.  I spruced them up a bit by adding  a few gold touches (sorry Dad! 🙂 )They remind me of my dad and also make me feel that he is watching over me and what I am doing.

I also framed my first ever interview which was printed in a magazine to remind me of how far I have come.  A quote for me to see every day and be inspired.  I then made a few arrows showing that the only way is up! I added some golden accents to finish the wall off. Everything apart from the mirror was made by me! See the gold heart frame tutorial here.  Tutorials on the wall art and each creation will follow shortly!

So here is the FULL reveal!!! Would love to hear what do you think of my dream craft room that cost me just under £220?!  Don’t forget to comment!!

Yes I know people will say, but paint cost money, wood, glue, frames, lamp shades etc. YES you are right, but this post was to show, how I created MY dream craft room and things I did to save money! I am trying to show what can be achieved with a little bit of imagination, creativity and hard work!! I hope you love it as much as I do!!

DIY Gold Desk Organiser

***Disclosure:   This post contains reference to items I have received free of charge , these will be clearly marked as such.  These have been either gifted to me for review or as a prize for winning competitions.  You can view our full policy here.  All opinions and ideas expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Winnings  (1) Door Knobs – Received free from D. Lawless Hardware after winning them in a competition (2) Everlong Chalk Paint in Kingfisher – received free as my prize for winning their Facebook Competition.

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66 thoughts on “How I Created MY Dream Craft Room on a Budget – The BIG REVEAL

  1. It’s beautiful Evijah! So crisp & clean now. And you did most yourself, which I know is so satisfying. How wonderful that the previous owners left the cabinet. Love the colors you picked.

  2. Looks fabulous Evija! How wonderful to have such a bright space to get creative in, and you certainly did it on a tight budget! Very impressed. And of course, I love the pug cushion! 😉 xx

  3. Your craft room is just gorgeous, it is so light and airy. I love the stenciling you did on the walls, so pretty. This is going to be such a wonderful place for you to create in x

  4. Fantastic!!! It’s so spacious and bright……absolutely beautiful!!! You are so frugal and I love that too. But…my favorite….the Pug pillow…lol 🙂 Hugs…Janie

  5. It looks amazing! I was so shocked to find out that you had stenciled the accent wall! It looks like paper! You’ve done such a great job!

  6. Oh. I love the outcome of your room make-over! I love the idea that it does not need to be expensive. I am also practical when it comes to spending that’s why I love your post.

    1. Thank you Anosa! If I can save money on something by making it, I definitely will!! My craft room is a great example on creating something gorgeous for a fraction of price!!

  7. I absolutely love this room and everything in it, it’s so bright, clean and airy with gorgeous pops of colour. The sideboard is such a gorgeous colour, I think that might be my favourite piece! This will be a great place to work in.

  8. That’s my sister – very proud of her, and love everything she makes. Cant wait to see the room in person. Love you sis xxxxx

  9. Love your craft room, especially your painted wall, frame wall, Sparkle sign. Right now I am recycling the same type of table and in the same way – funny, must be ”in the water”!

  10. This looks amazing Evija! The photos are fantastic, its amazing to see how you grow with your blog as well. This is the nicest craft room I ever seen. The difference before and after its immaculate! Well done!

  11. It’s a gorgeous craft room Evija, so bright and clean! The stencil on the wall really makes the gallery wall pop, it’s nice every piece has a meaning for you. Your dad would be proud of all the work you’ve done.
    Enjoy it, I can see lots of wonderful creations from there!

  12. It looks really good, it’s so nice to create a space that your going to be able to use all of your creativity. I love how light it looks now.

  13. Oh my, I feel so blessed to have run across you and your project on “Home Talk”. Had to see more so I’m visiting your site as well. Find it so interesting to hear a little more of back story on some of your gallery wall items. I think the antlers touch me the most. I also display a couple of special items that belonged to my Mom and Dad–keeps them close. (Yeah, yeah sometimes I speak directly to the item like it’s a direct telephone link to Heaven…). I also like the framed article–wish I could make it larger print to read it… Congrats regardless. I love your choice of turquoise — have used a similar shade on 3 of my bedroom walls. So soothing–love to go to bed! And I am tickled with your up arrows. I have unintentionally started a collection of arrows hanging in my home office–all pointing in some upward direction of course. I also prefer restoring, reworking, and salvaging the “old” stuff. Time spent, touch, creativity, $ saved all make those items/ projects all that more special. Sometimes I feel like an oddball — most people I know prefer brand new, or would rather pay someone else to do the work. So it’s been a pleasure discovering someone with similar ideas/thoughts even tho you are “across the pond.” Maybe it IS in the water, or great minds DO think alike! 😉 Looking forward to your next success story.

    1. Brenda thank you so much for your lovely comments. It means the world to me! I hope my posts and projects keep inspiring you! If you think you are an ‘oddball’ then I am probably ten times worse 🙂 I think creative people definitely think differently and most of the time think outside the box, but it doesn’t mean we are weird it just means we are different.. World would be such a boring place if we all were the same!

  14. I actually just did a double take at how wonderful and lovely your new room is! We’ve just had a loft conversion so I’m going to bookmark this for some ideas 😀

    1. Thank you! I will be sharing the posts on how I made the gallery wall and the wallart shortly, so I hope you come back and visit! Would love to see your loft conversion when it is done too!

  15. The teal piece is great, but I really like the pen holder on the table! How cool & clever is that! Too cute. Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Have a great week!

  16. What a beautiful craft room! I love how you made it so lovely but still stuck to such a great budget. I am sure it will inspire your creativity no end! Pinning. Thank you for sharing with us at Hearth and Soul. Hope to ‘see’ you again this week!

  17. Wow! That looks absolutely wonderful!

    I could do with a craft room for my 2 year old as she is super creative!

  18. What kind of “crafting” do you do in there? My crafts involve knitting machines, sewing machines, cutting tables, large ironing boards, and tons of supplies! To me, this room looks more like a sitting room than anything I would be able to use for crafts!

    1. Thanks for your comment Cassandra. I do all sorts of crafts and furniture upcycling. I am lucky to have a garage that is also my workshop and place for my tools. This craft room is for small projects (decoupage, making signs etc) and also for blogging, place where I can write and stage/take photos. The wardrobe is filled with my craft supplies and is hidden away. The space works great for me and is exactly what I wanted. 🙂

  19. The room is beautiful and you were very creative in putting it together. Great job. I just wish my craft room could stay so clean. If I had a room as beautiful as this I wouldn’t be getting much creating done because apparently I’m very messy. LOL

  20. What a lovely use of color coordination! Like the wall stenciling. I like to do different things with paint, especially after discovering the cost of wallpapers. Can’t believe what something made of paper can cost! In fact I like my living room ragging so much that even though it really needs reprinting, I hate to give up what is on there. The stencil might be a nice thing for me to try.
    I love the quote about creativity on your wall and will probably “steal” the quote for my own sewing/crafting space.

  21. Your make over is darling! My favorite things are the horns for the obvious reason , your stencil wall, that turquoise cabinet is to die for and the dog cushion. I absolutely love the minimalistic look. You did an amazing job!

  22. Hello Evija.
    What a wonderful makeover…And on a budget! I love upcycling and breathing new life into things. This is a stunning transformation. I do love your turquoise sideboard and the armchair is gorgeous. Great work! #HOMEETC

  23. Ok I basically have ALL the envy, it looks amazing! I love the colour palette and all the additions you’ve done yourself, plus the little touches which mean something personal. I’d never imagine you could do so much on a budget too! X #HomeEtc

  24. Oh Evija!!! I popped over and read this a couple of week’s ago but didn’t want to write a tiny ‘thanks for linking up’ comment!! And then life took over and I totally forgot to come back until now! SO SORRY!! This is absolutely stunning — you must be thrilled. The stencilled wall is definitely the hero of the piece for me — it’s so fabulous!! Well done and thanks so much for sharing Cx #HomeEtc

    PS — please could you include our lovely Home Etc badge when you link up? So others know how to find our little community and will (hopefully) come and link up too? 🙂 Thanks so much!

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