Update an Old Wardrobe to Create More Storage

This old wardrobe was left in the house by the home owners.  As most of all our money went on decorating our home, updating and completely transforming our bathroom, getting the walls re-plastered there was little money left for the furniture. We kept the wardrobe as it was for a while as we hoped we would be replacing it eventually.  There was nothing wrong with it, it was just an old-fashioned wardrobe and simply didn’t go with the decor. It also didn’t use the most of the space, so instead of buying a new wardrobe we decided to modernise and make this wardrobe even better.

As you know I am slightly obsessed with pallet wood plus it is FREE, so I knew that I would be using some reclaimed wood on this piece.  Our bedside cabinets are painted in satin enamel paint, and I wanted to match this wardrobe but I also wanted to tie it together with the rest of the bedroom furniture (remember this dressing table?).

To Shaun’s horror, I really wanted to create a pattern.  Herringbone was out of the question as the dressing table took me ages to do, so instead I thought creating wood at 45° angle to create an arrow shape would be easier and would also look nice.

We decided to invest in a planer/thicknesser to save time and planed all the wood (I was planning on sanding it before we purchased this tool).



We thought it would make more sense to create the pattern on some plywood, which we then could screw to the wardrobe rather than trying to attach each individual piece of wood to the wardrobe. We cut the sheet of ply to the measurement and marked the half.  We then cut the pallets at 45° angle and measured to make the correct pattern, then secured in place using a nail gun. 

It was a little tricky to try to align all pieces as each palletwood piece would be slightly different.

The top was built from some mdf board. I then painted the whole wardrobe to match using decoart satin enamel in neutral beige. We attached the two side panels using some wood screws. As the panels were quite heavy, we decided to reinforce the inside of the wardrobe by using some L shaped brackets.

I then added some wooden boxes for extra storage space and stained the side panels and boxes to match!!



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