Plastic Mirror Turned Into a Luxurious Looking Piece for under 20£

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If you believe in laws of attraction, then you will believe every single word when you read this blog post (and it is ALL true)!! I kept talking about a large round mirror I wanted to have for our bedroom and kept looking online in different shops. Everything I liked was quite expensive so I had a decission to make.. Either settle for something not so great looking or spend a little more than I wanted to and buy a mirror I loved.. Well, as always I kept putting it off as I didn’t want to spend too much money..

I had to go the amenity site to drop some cardboard boxes off (I really did!!) and took them one morning before I set off to work.  I could not believe my eyes – there it was… A round mirror, the size I wanted and in great shape was left there as someone got rid of it. I didn’t think twice and quickly put it in my car (as well as a nice armchair ha ha!)

It was not the luxurious gold mirror I had in mind. It was cheap looking plastic and the back was slightly scratched.  But, you know me, none of this matters. I had a vision in my head and I was going to turn this sad looking mirror into a luxurious and beautiful piece for our bedroom on a budget!!

I started by cleaning it, to my surprise there was almost not a scratch on the mirror (apart from a few tiny dots, but I call it character..)! I taped around it and put some cling film to protect the mirror.  After slightly sanding the plastic and spraying with plastic primer, once dry I used Black Gloss spray paint.  I thought gold would look a little tacky, so decided to experiment (as always). My first instinct was to have the base black with gold leaf around the rim.

After adding gold leaf I sanded a bit off to allow the black paint shine through. I took the mirror upstairs and put it against the freshly painted wall to see how it looked and I loved the gold.. So I decided to put another layer of gold leaf to have it super shiny and gold! I then sealed the mirror with some clear gloss varnish and it was ready for my budget friendly luxurious bedroom makeover!

It is ready to go in above my dressing room table .

5 thoughts on “Plastic Mirror Turned Into a Luxurious Looking Piece for under 20£

  1. Hi, love this project! The gold looks like it has brush strokes. You said you used gold leaf. I am a bit confused. Did you use gold paint? Or gold leaf in rub on sheets? Also, could gold spray (which I have good luck with) work? Thanks

    1. Thank you so much Penelope, I used gold leaf sheet but used a paintbrush to put the glue on, the brush strokes would probably be from the uneven glue.. you can use spray paint, gold leaf or gold rub on wax over paint whichever option you want really!

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